House Tour: An Effortlessly Chic San Francisco Home

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    A Dream Home For Starting a New Life Together

    An Effortlessly Chic San Francisco Home
    Ana Kamin

    Every home is special. Whether you've lived in one place or twelve, your living spaces stay with you long after you've left them. But no home is more special than the first one that a couple shares together. Because of that, there's no design job more important than designing for newlyweds. 

    With all of that in mind, it's easy to understand how excited San Francisco-based designer, Nicole Newkirk was when she was asked to design a home for a pair of just married clients. The home is located in San Francisco's Laurel Heights neighborhood, just south of the Presidio, and was in need to someone to infuse it with all of the life and optimism that its new owners were feeling.

    A designer with more than nine years of experience, Nicole is known for her light and breezy design style, an extension of, as she calls it, her "enthusiastic and light-hearted self." The combination was a match made in heaven and the result is a home that is, "clean, simple and cozy," as the designer describes it. Her newlywed clients, "wanted their new home to feel comfortable and stylish with all new updated furniture."

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    Using Neutrals for an Inviting and Comfortable Feel

    Netural colors and gray sofa in living room
    Ana Kamin

    One of the first decisions to make in any home is choosing the colors that will set the tone for the space. In this instance, the color palette is also one of the designer's favorite parts of the entire project. "We opted for light, soft and neutral colors, Nicole recalls. "Whites, light grays and soft cream tones with rustic wood accents." Using neutral colors on the lighter end of the scale helped the space to feel more open. It's a relaxing combination that gives a space an effortless feel while the woods help add a sense of warmth. 

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    A Home at One with Nature

    houseplants in living room with accent chair
    Ana Kamin

    Natural elements made up a large part of the design of the space. San Francisco is a city with a strong appreciation for the natural beauty that defines it. From the bay to Golden Gate park, the city is known for celebrating nature. In this home, side chairs with wooden legs are paired with large potted plants to bring the feeling of the outdoors in. And for a bit of texture, a sheepskin throw makes a stylish addition. 

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    A Touch of Vintage

    modern wood credenza
    Ana Kamin

    Nicole's clients were excited to have a modern space filled with contemporary furnishings, but they still had room for a moment or two of mid-century style. This credenza has a hand-made feel to it that adds a sense of depth and history to the space.  

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    An Entertaining Hearth

    tv over fireplace cement fireplace
    Ana Kamin

    A working fireplace is a true San Francisco luxury. And what better way to make sure that it's the center of attention in the room than to hang the television over it?

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    A Cool, Modern Kitchen

    white kitchen with marble backsplash
    Ana Kamin

    The kitchen makes perfect use of the home's color palette, pairing a light gray backsplash with bar stools in a warm, wood tone. It's the perfect amount of color for an effortlessly stylish kitchen space.

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    Moments of Warmth with Metallics and Wood

    home bar marble copper and white palette
    Ana Kamin

    When working with primarily cool colors it's always important to find opportunities to warm things up. Wood and metallic tones often work best and are a popular option in cooler spaces. Here, the designer accents a beautiful gray kitchen backsplash with an equally eye-catching assortment of copper and wood dishware.

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    A Cozy Dining Room

    modern farmhouse white kitchen
    Ana Kamin

    This stunning dining table is given a cute little twist, paired with a set of upholstered benches for intimate dining. But it's not the table that was the designer's happiest moment, or even the chairs - it was the mirror. "The large round mirror is my dream source item," she admits. Because the open plan living and dining room receives a lot of direct sunlight the mirror helps to make the space look bigger. It's the one piece in the home that Nicole confesses to being more than a little obsessed. "This is my favorite piece in the whole house," she says.

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    A Family with a Little Something Extra

    white living room with open shelving
    Ana Kamin

    The family room is a cozy affair defined by this sofa done in the same style as the dining room seating. Flanked by two stylishly appointed bookshelves, this space offers another cozy area for the couple to relax in. 

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    A Modern Lighting Moment

    Modern lighting in living room
    Ana Kamin

    Lightning is key in every home. And even though this space receives a lot of light in every room, once the sun goes down Nicole has provided her clients with a stylish, modern floor lamp designed to bring light to every corner.

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    An Assortment of Textures

    textured rug and furs in family room
    Ana Kamin

    Again, Nicole shows her ability to use textures to create variance and interest within a neutral color palette. Here the sofa, layered rugs and throw combine to create a rich assortment of textures. The result is visually engaging while remaining peaceful and serene.