House Tour: Cool and Classic on the Upper West Side

Cool and Classic on the Upper West Side
Christian Harder

Living in the Upper West Side is a dream. From the big screen to the latest shows, we get to peek into living areas that are cool, sophisticated and streamlined. Beyond the screen, New York interior design firm, ASH NYC has brought us luxury living in real life. Located on Manhattan's 86th Street, this interior is filled with vintage and contemporary pieces by some of today's top designers. A playground for sophisticated style, this home's design brings together contemporary trends and modern style. 

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    Modern, Rich Living Room Design

    Chic living room
    Christian Harder

    The living room in this Manhattan home offers a rich field of textured pieces. An oversized light gray rug has been used to grounds the large living space. It's addition brings immediate warmth home. And it's also large enough to accompany all of the furnishings in the living area, including two large sofas, side chairs, and a reading nook. For more texture, the sofas and side chairs are upholstered in velvet. One of the latest trends in home decor today, the velvet sofas are a modern addition to the space. Between the seating there is also a playful play on colors, moving from gray to peacock blue. Metal side chairs make the reading nook in the large bay window. Contemporary pieces by Pierre Jeanneret, Warren Platner, and Kai Kristiansen complete the living room furnishings.

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    Sophisticated Dining Room

    gray modern sophisticated dining room
    Christian Harder

    This home's dining room is absolutely stunning. The breadth of the space makes one's jaw drop. It is truly a statement piece in this contemporary home. ASH NYC designed the space to accommodate guests upon guests upon guests. While the usually dining room seat 6-8, this elongated table allows the dining room to seat twelve people easily. An incredible feat for any dining area. As a backdrop to the sophisticated display of chairs and the dining table, art has been brought in to complement the space. The piece is one of many in this home, filled with additional artworks by photographers Richard Estes and Jesseca Ferguson. 

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    Neutral Master Bedroom

    Cool and Classic on the Upper West Side
    Christian Harder

    As you transition into the home's bedroom, you are invited to a study in neutrals. Beyond the grays and blues that can be found in the living area, the bedroom is a combination of creams, whites, and complex shades of gray. The walls create the backdrop for this sophisticated bedroom. Painted in a gray that has a touch of brown as well as rose, this full spectrum shade radiates warmth in this cozy bedroom.

    The bedroom retreat is then layered with textiles to complete the intimate feel. The bed has been upholstered in an off-white linen. Topping the bedding, a set of velvet cushions adds to the warm vibe. Beyond the bed, accessories have been brought in to bring another layer home. Metallic accents add another detail to the space. Brass lamps have been used to add a little shimmer to the bedside tables. A modern chrome chair accented with a sheepskin stands out at the desk in the bedroom. And the desk has been topped with a dark metal and brass office lamp for a bit more of the metallic mix. The finishing details that add a little glow make this neutral bedroom retreat pop.

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    Contemporary Kitchen

    Monochromatic white kitchen
    Christian Harder

    The kitchen is all about the open plan living area. While the rest of the interior is contemporary, the kitchen is the most modern space in the home. It is also the most functional. Beyond how pretty is the space also offers an abundance of storage.

    White cabinetry lines the space, where everything is stored from daily kitchen items to the refrigerator. For a touch of shimmer, a bright white tile backsplash has been installed. Above the counter, shelving with clear glass allows for special items to be on display, including beautiful dishware. The kitchen island offers additional storage and prep space in this efficient kitchen. A sink has been installed on the island, allowing for an area for meat and vegetables to be washed and prepared. Above the island, vintage pendant lights have been installed. The items were likely once in an industrial building, and look absolutely gorgeous in a kitchen space. For contrast, a row of black barstools has been added to the space. The extra seating allows for guests to sit and be comfortable while dishes are being prepared.