24 Items In Your Home That You Can Donate Right Now

  • 24 Items In Your Home That You Can Donate Right Now

    24 items in your home you can donate right now.
    24 items in your home you can donate right now. Getty

    When deciding what to donate, certain items are always good bets. If you have anything in the following 24 categories lying around, you won’t regret donating them right now.

    1. Shoes that are suddenly too small. If a certain pair of shoes are no longer comfortable, don’t keep them around hoping that they’ll magically fit again someday.

    2. The skirt you bought ten years ago and still haven’t worn. Yes, it still fits. But you’ve carted it around with you for a decade and never worn it outside. It’s...MORE time to let it go.

    3. Free company logo mugs. Or T-shirts, or hats, or key chains.

    4. Books you’ll never read again. Give them to a used bookstore, library, or friend.

    5. The lone item that doesn’t match anything. It’s fine if you enjoy the look of mismatched glassware or you’re still happily using the one surviving coaster out of a set of four. But if you don’t enjoy these single items, pass them on to someone else. (Though if they’re broken or threadbare, they should be thrown away right now rather than donated.)

    6. Beach towels from when you used live near the beach. When your location or lifestyle changes, often your possessions take a while to catch up.

    7. Toys your child has outgrown. Unless the toy is very special, let another child enjoy it and free up some storage space.

    8. Costumes from recitals, parties, and Halloweens past. You can remember the events just as well through photos.

    9. Your wacky winter hat. No, pom-poms aren’t coming back. And if they ever do, you’ll be too old to wear them.

    10. Tools for a hobby you no longer participate in. If you’re no longer interested in the activity, go ahead and donate the accoutrements.

    11. CDs. Digitize them and pass them on to a lover of 90’s ephemera.

    12. Trendy costume jewelry. Cheap, trendy things are cheap and trendy for a reason: they look dated fast, and they can rarely if ever be resurrected.

    13. Your childhood ceramic animal collection. Or any collection you’re just not feeling anymore.

    14. Fancy office shoes. I.e., vestiges of former careers, be they work boots or clothes that conformed to your old job’s dress code. Whatever it is, if it’s no longer part of your daily uniform, you don’t need multiples of it.

    15. One-off impulse buys. That sparkly clutch you purchased for that one party? If you haven’t used it since, just accept that it has served its purpose.

    16. Folding tables you never unfold. It can feel wasteful to get rid of furniture, but if you’ve had it for a year or two without wanting to use it, it’s probably not a good fit for your life anymore. Also look into consigning furniture if it’s on the nicer side.

    17. The juicer you bought for the diet you never went on. See also: treadmill, workout DVDs, hula hoop.

    18. Nonperishable foods that you don’t want. If you stocked up on something and then got tired of it, see if a local food bank accepts donations or if a food drive is taking place in your area.

    19. Duplicate items. Life is hard enough without having to decide which black leather ballet flats to wear today.

    20. Old eyeglasses. Organizations like Lions Club International as well as some optometrists will accept donations of used frames and lenses.

    21. Clothes from another life stage. If you moved from a cold region to a tropical one, or a dressy city to a strictly-jeans town, you probably have some clothes, shoes, and accessories to donate.

    22. Unwanted art supplies. Plenty of charities will take your unused brushes, paints, and papers. Do an Internet search for organizations near you.

    23. Old musical instruments. The same goes for instruments you no longer play.

    24. Decorative items from past phases. If you jumped on a décor bandwagon and then fell off, don’t feel bad about donating all the evidence and making room for a new style in your life.

    Next up, see the best options to donate everything.