Eight Common Household Items You Can Use To Make Bird Toys

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    Eight Common Household Items You Can Use To Make Bird Toys

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    Bird toy is the one item you purchase that you hope beyond all hope it gets destroyed. Ironic that we hang the toy in the cage and wait with breathless anticipation for our birds to make a run for it, attack it and shred it to smithereens.  Most people don’t think this way when it comes to buying consumer products. But this is one product designed to be absolutely ruined beyond all recognition. These toys can get pricey. So occasionally I will construct toys using basic household items that...MORE can be either purchased or some you might already have in the house.

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    Plastic Water Bottles and the Caps

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    Soft water bottle caps can be drilled or punched to make a hole and strung with hemp or plastic rope to make a fun toy. It’s easy to do and it is recycling at its best. My African Grey, Parker likes chasing an empty water bottle around on the floor. You can also drill small holes in the bottle and put treats in the bottle and securing the cap. As the bottle rolls around, the treats fall out of the holes encouraging your bird to roll it more to get the treats.

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    Paper Plates

    Simple Can Be Terrific!. Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images

    I’ve written about my African Grey, Parker’s fascination with paper plates. It’s a very large, lightweight foot toy and he enjoys wrestling with these very inexpensive toys. You can fold it like a taco, tie the edges up with hemp twine and fill with treats or other small toys.

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    Coffee Filters

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    Numerous natural, unbleached coffee filters can be strung on twine and hung in a cage or on a play stand. You can separate them with plastic balls or other objects or simply leave them as is. You can also use them to wrap small treats such as an unshelled nut or other treat to create a very simple foraging toy. 

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    Plastic Cups

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    The simple plastic cup is intriguing to many birds just as they are. These can also be drilled and hung up to make a swinging toy. Some birds just like to drag them around. Hang several of them together suspended from plastic chain or twine and you have a not-so-loud bell toy that simply “clacks” instead of the usual bell ring. 

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    Paper Cone Cups

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    These cups are very inexpensive and can be found at the dollar store. These can be hung on a plastic rope to be ripped up and played with. You can stuff them through links of plastic chain with treats tucked inside of them. You can insert treats in several cups and then stack the cups onto each other for a very simple foraging device. They have to either rip open the cups or unstack the cups to get to the treats nestled between the cups.

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    Plastic Rope

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    Plastic rope or clothesline rope is used often in making parrot toys. You can also find this rope at the dollar store and there are many uses for it. You can cut it up and tie it in various ways to make a toy on its own. It can be used to string other toys onto it and suspend it like a clothesline from one area of the cage to another. If you simply suspend it across the inside of the cage, they can hang from it or do flips just as a circus performer would do flips on a swing. It’s a very useful...MORE item to have in the house for your companion birds. 

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    Popsicle Or Craft Sticks

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    Popsicle sticks or craft sticks are wonderful! on their own, as they are a chew toy and a foot toy. But it you get some whiffle balls, you can cram the craft sticks through the holes of the ball to create a “Sputnik” type of toy. The bird has to try and pull out the sticks or he can simply chew them from their position in the holes. You can drill them and string them up, tie them together using a plastic tie wraps or simply put them in a cup or bowl and see what they do!

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    Stainless Steel Measuring Cups and Spoons

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    One of the most fun toys on the market is a toy created from stainless steel measuring cups and measuring spoons hung form a stainless steel chain. These are impossible to destroy! You could make one yourself using plastic rope or chain. Just having the measuring cups to drag around in a cage would be fun for them as well. And what parrot doesn’t like to throw some noisy item off of the top of their house so it makes a loud noise when it hits the floor? 

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    Use Your Imagination!

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    There are many household items you might be able to use as toys for your parrots that you already have in your home. Take a look around and simply use your imagination. You could probably create a toy in just a few minutes using some very simple items. Good luck with your next homemade toy!