Housekeeping: Tips & Tutorials

Learn what you need to know about cleaning surfaces in your home. Find out how to safely clean tile, marble, wood, laminate flooring and more. These tips will easily get your jobs done effectively and safely.
House with solar panels
How to Clean Solar Panels for More Efficient Sustainable Power
Cleaning a metal cooktop
From Aluminum to Steel, Learn How to Keep Metal Clean
Removing rust from shower head
Here's How to Remove Rust From All Types of Surfaces
Stack of clean pillows
How to Clean All Types of Pillows for a Better (Cleaner) Night's Sleep
Woman dusting tall window frame with extendable duster on brick wall
Ditch Dust for Good With Our Best-Ever Dusting Tips
Person cleaning fireplace
How to Keep Your Fireplace Looking and Working Its Best
Living room with velvet couch
Keep Your Velvet Couches and Chairs Clean With These Tips
Paint spill on wood floor
Painting Accident? Here's How to Clean Paint off Wood Floors
Hand cleaning wood furniture
Help Wood Furniture Look Brand-New (and Last Longer) With These Tips
Outdoor fire pit on gravel next to cleaning materials
A Clean Fire Pit Is a Safe Fire Pit—Here's How to Keep Yours Tidy
White shag rug on wooden floor near houseplants and chair
How to Keep Your Shag Rug Fluffy and Clean, in 4 Simple Steps
Cleaning linoleum floor
How to Clean Linoleum Flooring
Chrome sink faucet cleaned with blue microfiber cloth next to bottle of tea tree hand wash
Here's How to Keep Chrome Shiny and Bright Using Ingredients You Probably Already Have
Mousepad with florals and foliage design under white mouse next to laptop
Your Mousepad Is Filthy! Here's How to Clean It the Right Way
Stack of blue and white tea towels next to bowl of blackberries on white background
What Is a Tea Towel, and How Can I Use It?
person dusting a window sill
9 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Dust Mites
Yellow vacuum with hose leak repaired with clear tape
Does Your Vacuum Cleaner Suck? Maybe It Has a Leaky Hose
Male hand cutting rug grip tape applied to back of area rug
11 Solutions to Keep Rugs from Slipping and Sliding
An air dryer in a living room
6 DIYs to Dehumidify Your Home
Butcher block cutting board next to sink in marble countertop
How to Keep a Butcher Block Clean and Looking Beautiful
Brown leather couch with white striped pillow on cushions
How to Remove Stains and Keep Your Leather Sofa Soft and Supple
Sausages and bacon cooking on an outdoor griddle
How to Clean and Season a Blackstone Griddle the Right Way
Woman lifting corner of wallpaper to reveal black mold
How to Protect Your Home and Family From Black Mold
Student looking at laptop screen as teacher completes lesson
Here's How to Quickly Clean a Laptop Screen the Right Way
Shower curtain with mildew in bathroom
Home Smells Musty? Follow These Tips to Banish Musty Smells Forever
Super glue squeeze bottle open with super glue on wooden surface closeup
Super Glue Have You Stuck? Here's 10 Ways to Remove It
Black plastic trash bin cleaned to remove scratches from surface
Get Rid of Ugly Scratches on Plastic Furniture and Accessories
White flat paint on wall being cleaned up by gray towel in hand
Restore the Beauty of Flat Painted Walls With a Good Cleaning
cleaning vinyl records
Clean Vinyl Records the Right Way to Eliminate Crackling and Hissing
Modern living room with marble floors
Make Marble Floors Last By Learning How to Clean Them Correctly
Pink fleece jacket lying on a metal drying rack
Hate Pilling on Fleece? Learn How to Wash Your Fleece Jacket Correctly
Yellow, green, blue and black down coats hanging on white metal hanger
Keep Your Down Coat or Vest Clean, Fluffy, and Smelling Fresh
Brown and tan wool coats laid on white surface next to tan wool scarf, soft-bristled brush and glass on white cloth
Learn How to Properly Clean and Care for Your Wool Coat
Hand opening Velcro closure on navy and red tennis shoes
Get a Grip on How to Clean Up Velcro Fasteners
Wood burning fireplace with picture frames, plants, and extra wood.
10 Fireplace Maintenance Tips
person holding a thermometer
How to Properly Disinfect Every Type of Thermometer After Each Use
finishing touches for guests
How to Quickly Get Your House in Shape Before Company Arrives
Woman sweeping blue striped carpet
How to Effectively Clean Your Carpet If You Don't Have a Vacuum
Melted black handle on silver tea kettle
Get Rid of the Traces of Melted Plastic From 5 Kitchen Surfaces
Rose gold sink
Hate Clogged Plumbing? Here Are 10 Things to Never Pour Down the Drain
cleaning a keyboard with a soft bristle brush
Rid Your Keyboard of Crumbs and Bacteria the Right Way
Treating Mold in Basement
How to Identify and Treat Mold in Your Basement
Lemons by a spray bottle
Learn How to Make Your Own Cleaning Solutions for Around the Home
weighted blanket in a laundry basket
You'll Sleep Better Under a Clean Weighted Blanket
White portable humidifier releasing steam next to plant
A Dirt Humidifier Can Cause Illness
scent pot
Ways You Can Make Your House Smell Good All the Time
person writing on wood with permanent marker
How to Remove Permanent Marker Stains From Wood
removing a sticker from glass with a scraper
Here's How to Easily Banish Sticker and Label Residue From Glass
White cone-shaped beauty blenders with makeup in front of foundation bottle
Here's the Correct Way to Clean Your Beauty Blender
cleaning a mirror
Keep Your Mirrors and Their Decorative Frames Sparkling Clean
person cleaning a tv screen
Don't Miss the Action With a Clean TV Screen
Black and white countertop fans next to blue cloth, screwdrivers and spray bottle
Don't Blow Dust Around While You Use Your Fan - Clean It!
White wall being cleaned with green microfiber cloth and gloved behind white bucket and sponges
Keep Your Painted Walls Dust and Dirt-Free
Homemade disinfectant wipes in glass jar next to essential oils
Save Some Money by Making Your Own Disinfectant Wipes
scraping paint off of wood
4 Natural Paint Removers
Stainless steel and black water cooler next to houseplant
How to Properly Clean Your Water Cooler
person wiping a granite countertop
Keep Granite Countertops, Mantles, and Floors Shiny and Streak-free
Brown suede couch in living room
Keep Your Beautiful Suede Couch Clean and Stain-Free
Vacuum cleaner on shag carpet
Here's How to Actually Get Your Carpet Clean (and Keep It That Way)
cast iron pan
Keep Your Cast Iron Rust-Free and Looking Great