Houseplant Care

From the hard-to-kill snake plant to the tough-to-grow orchid, get advice on houseplant care, such as the right lighting, soil, temperature, and even planter.
Livingroom with large waindow and dusty pink sofa filled with potted plants
15 Plant Room Ideas for a Lush, Leafy Oasis
Plant parents guide
Plant Parents: Your Guide to Houseplant Care
Woman watering potted cacti on a white table.
How Often Should You Water Succulents?
Watering a small snake plant in a terracotta pot with three other potted snake plants around it.
How Often Should You Water a Snake Plant?
A FABRIKOR tall IKEA greenhouse cabinet filled with plants with a large monstera on one side and a snake plant and wooden chair on the other.
How to Make an IKEA Greenhouse Cabinet
A close up image of a fiddle leaf fig tree in a terracotta pot with white moldy soil.
What to Do About Mold on Houseplant Soil
A flatlay image of pothos propagation with cuttings, pruning shears, and soil laid out.
How to Propagate Pothos Plants
A monstera deliciosa with a moss pole against a white wall.
Do You Need a Moss Pole for a Monstera?
Two monstera leaves - one with splits and one without are in front of a white wall.
What to Do When Your Monstera Leaves Aren’t Splitting
Large houseplant roots being examined on tarp for root rot
How to Identify and Treat Root Rot in Houseplants
Dying orchid with blooms falling off
Here's How to Revive an Orchid That Looks Dead
Repotted orchid with air roots in clay pot next to pruners and material
How to Repot an Orchid with Air Roots
Scoop of sugar poured into glass vase of water next to cut and potted flowers
The Reason Why You Shouldn’t Use Sugar Water on Your Plants
A soil moisture meter against a white background surrounded by loose soil and plants.
How to Use a Moisture Meter for Your Plants
Grow light placed over potted variegated pothos plant on white desk
How to Use Grow Lights for Indoor Plants
Wilted amaryllis after the bloom
What to Do with Amaryllis After It Blooms
Close up image of two potted succulents under a grow light bulb in a gold lamp.
How to Pick Out Grow Lights for Succulents
A group of air plants sitting on white rocks against a white background.
How to Care for Air Plants
A spoon holding succulent soil above three succulents and a bowl of succulent soil.
What Type of Potting Soil Do Succulents Need?
Close up image of a small air plant in a terracotta pot being sprayed with a mister.
How to Water Air Plants
A monstera adansonii being attached to a sphagnum moss pole against a white background.
How to Create a Moss Pole for Your Indoor Plants
Green variegated pothos plant with yellowing leaf in white pot closeup
Here's Why Your Pothos Leaves Are Turning Yellow
Piled cardboard boxes with a potted plant in the foreground
How to Pack Houseplants for a Move
types of fertilizer
Here's How to Properly Feed Your Houseplants
yellow phalaenopsis leaves
Why Your Phalaenopsis Leaves Are Turning Yellow
orchids by a watering can
Learn Simple Tips for Watering Orchids and Common Mistakes to Avoid
orchids growing by the window
Planting Orchids: How to Repot an Orchid Plant
monstera houseplant with a support stake
How to Stake up Indoor Plants for Support
a vine arranged on a shelf
How to Prune Houseplants
houseplants by a window
Get the Light Right: Natural Light for Houseplants
Use This Guide to Learn How to Deal With Leaf Scorching and Tip Burn
houseplant with brown leaf tips
What to Do If Your Houseplant's Leaves Turn Brown
houseplant leaf shedding water droplets
What Causes Water Droplets on Indoor Plant Leaves?
outdoor container plant arrangement
Tips for Bringing Outdoor Container Plants Indoors
orchid blooming
Discover Common Reasons Why an Orchid Won't Bloom and How to Fix Them
Light pink and purple orchids mounted on a tree trunk
Why Orchids Don't Need Pots
plants in a living room
Does Talking to Plants Really Make Them Grow?
closeup of fern leaves
4 Tips to Make Your Ferns Thrive Indoors
a phalaenopsis orchid
How to Care for Orchids
potting soil next to a houseplant
Get the Most from Your Potting Soil With These Tips
humidifier by a houseplant
Increase Your Home's Humidity to Help Houseplants Thrive
Phalaenopsis orchids with white flowers and buds
How to Get Your Phalaenopsis Orchid to Bloom Again
closeup of a hanging plant
How to Care for Hanging Plants
person wiping leaves of a zanzibar gem
This Is How to Clean Houseplant Leaves to Keep Them Healthy
houseplants arranged on a shelf
Learn How to Care For Houseplants in the Winter
various ferns and gardening tools
Welcoming Ferns in Your Garden
houseplant receiving sunlight by a window
How Much Light Do Your Houseplants Need?
Container plant's roots being loosened over counter
Teasing the Rootball of Plants: Why and How to Do It
caring for a rootbound plant hero
What to Do With a Root-bound Plant
Root-bound plant being held up
How to Identify and Fix a Root-Bound Plant
propagating spider plants
How to Propagate a Spider Plant from Cuttings
Propagated aloe vera plant in orange ceramic pot held in hands
Successfully Propagating Aloe Vera from a Mother Plant
Propagated rubber tree cutting supported inside white pot
How to Propagate Rubber Trees From Cuttings
Cactus plant transplanted into clay pot with fresh soil
How to Safely Transplant a Cactus
Pothos plants with roots in vases with water for indoor water garden
How to Make an Indoor Water Garden
An orchid, healthy in this case
Biological and Organic Treatments for Orchid Fungal Diseases
bamboo cuttings rooting in jars
How to Propagate Lucky Bamboo (2 Ways)
A large collection of bromeliad houseplants for sale
How to Propagate Bromeliads at Home
root bound
Has Your Houseplant Outgrown Its Container?
orchids and fertilizers
Learn How to Maintain Healthy Orchids With Proper Fertilization