Houseplant Care

From the hard-to-kill snake plant to the tough-to-grow orchid, get advice on houseplant care, such as the right lighting, soil, temperature, and even planter.
A philodendron melanochrysum in a basket planter with other tropical plants in the background.
How to Grow and Care for Philodendron Melanochrysum
Golden Pothos houseplant. Leaf spot disease, small black stripes caused by fungus or bacterial infection.
Here's Why Your Pothos Leaves Are Turning Yellow
Piled cardboard boxes with a potted plant in the foreground
How to Pack Houseplants for a Move
types of fertilizer
Here's How to Properly Feed Your Houseplants
yellow phalaenopsis leaves
Why Are the Leaves on My Phalaenopsis Turning Yellow?
orchids by a watering can
Learn Simple Tips for Watering Orchids and Common Mistakes to Avoid
orchids growing by the window
How to Grow and Maintain Beautiful Orchids Indoors
monstera houseplant with a support stake
This Is How to Stake up Indoor Plants for Support
a vine arranged on a shelf
How to Prune Houseplants
houseplants by a window
Get the Light Right: Natural Light for Houseplants
Use This Guide to Learn How to Deal With Leaf Scorching and Tip Burn
houseplant with brown leaf tips
What to Do If Your Houseplant's Leaves Turn Brown
houseplant leaf shedding water droplets
Why Do the Leaves of My Houseplant Drip?
outdoor container plant arrangement
Tips for Bringing Outdoor Container Plants Indoors
orchid blooming
Discover Common Reasons Why an Orchid Won't Bloom and How to Fix Them
White Moth Orchids on Tree
Why Orchids Don't Need Pots
plants in a living room
Does Talking to Plants Really Make Them Grow?
closeup of fern leaves
4 Tips to Make Your Ferns Thrive Indoors
Illustration of how to care for an orchid
How to Care for Orchids
potting soil next to a houseplant
Get the Most from Your Potting Soil With These Tips
humidifier by a houseplant
Increase Your Home's Humidity to Help Houseplants Thrive
Phalaenopsis orchids with white flowers and buds
Here's How to Get Your Orchid to Bloom Again
closeup of a hanging plant
How to Care for Hanging Plants
person wiping leaves of a zanzibar gem
This Is How to Clean Houseplant Leaves to Keep Them Healthy
houseplants arranged on a shelf
Here's How to Give Your Houseplants the Special Winter Care They Need
various ferns and gardening tools
Welcoming Ferns in Your Garden
houseplant receiving sunlight by a window
How Much Light Do You Houseplants Need?
Container plant's roots being loosened over counter
Why You Should Loosen the Rootball Before Planting
caring for a rootbound plant hero
What to Do With a Root-bound Plant
Root-bound plant being held up
How to Tell If Garden-Center Plants Are Root-Bound
propagating spider plants
How to Propagate a Spider Plant from Cuttings
Propagated aloe vera plant in orange ceramic pot held in hands
Successfully Propagating Aloe Vera From a Mother Plant
Variegated rubber tree (Ficus elastica) in a basket against a pale background/
How to Propagate Rubber Trees From Cuttings
Cactus plant transplanted into clay pot with fresh soil
How to Safely Transplant a Cactus
Pouring water into a indoor water garden growing pothos.
How to Make an Indoor Water Garden
An orchid, healthy in this case
Biological and Organic Treatments for Orchid Fungal Diseases
bamboo cuttings rooting in jars
How to Root Lucky Bamboo Cuttings
A large collection of bromeliad houseplants for sale
How to Propagate Bromeliads at Home
root bound
Has Your Houseplant Outgrown Its Container?
orchids and fertilizers
Learn How to Maintain Healthy Orchids With Proper Fertilization
bromeliad plant
Feeding and Fertilizing Your Bromeliads
salt buildup on a houseplant
8 Reasons Your Houseplants Keep Dying