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Houseplant Care

From the hard-to-kill snake plant to the tough-to-grow orchid, get advice on houseplant care, such as the right lighting, soil, temperature, and even planter.
reasons why a monstera is droopy
3 Reasons Why Your Monstera Is Droopy and How to Fix It
how to get a snake plant to bloom
How to Get a Snake Plant to Bloom Indoors
String of hearts propagating.
How to Propagate String of Hearts: 3 Methods
Fiddle lea fig being propagated in water.
How to Propagate Fiddle Leaf Fig, 3 Ways
jade plant
How to Propagate a Jade Plant: 3 Effective Methods
snake plant in pot on table
Why Are My Snake Plant Leaves Turning Yellow? 7 Causes and How to Fix It
Monitoring the pebble tray
How to Make a Pebble Tray for Plants
A money tree sits on a table in a white kitchen.
Why Are My Money Tree's Leaves Turning Yellow? Here's How to Fix It
moving plants
What to Know About Moving Plants to a New Home, According to Pros
Closeup front view of a monstera cutting rooting in a glass of water
How to Propagate Monstera Deliciosa in 5 Easy Steps
Brightly lit room with plants
5 Things About Having a Plant Room These Pros Wish They'd Known Sooner
Epiphytic Orchid
What Are Epiphytes?
Bright apartment living room filled with houseplants.
9 Houseplant Myths You Shouldn't Believe, According to a Pro
Haworthia cooperi in a container surrounded by gravel
How to Grow and Care for Haworthia Cooperi Plant
A ZZ plant on the ground with soil and a pot.
How to Propagate ZZ Plants, 3 Ways
Mini white humidifier on a table
10 Mini Humidifiers Your Houseplants Are Dying for You to Get
drooping peace lily in orange plastic pot on blond wood table with chair in the background
Why Is Your Peace Lily Drooping? Here Are 6 Reasons
closeup of monstera plant leaf with yellow edges and a spot of brown around green center
Why Are My Monstera Leaves Turning Yellow?
Front view of multiple glass jars with philodendron cuttings for propagation
How to Propagate a Philodendron 2 Ways
string of pearls plant with long trailing stems in dark pot on white windowsill
How to Propagate String of Pearls in Four Easy Steps
money tree
How to Propagate a Money Tree
orchid stem turning yellow
4 Reasons Why Your Orchid Stem Is Turning Yellow
Orchid Root Rot
How to Deal With Orchid Root Rot
Houseplant being watered in a sink
What Is Bottom Watering? Here's How It Helps Your Plants
Overhead view of propagating snake plants and rooting them in water in soil
How to Propagate Snake Plants, 3 Ways
Basic Orchid Care
Beginner's Guide to Orchid Care: Basics You Need to Know
Faded Orchid Blooms
7 Reasons Why Orchid Flowers Fall Off
A leggy succulent growing indoors with insufficient light.
Why Is My Succulent Growing Tall?
A hand holds up a satin pothos (Scindapsus pictus argyraeus) leaf in fronr of a bright window in the background.
Why Are My Satin Pothos Leaves Curling?
Large jade plant in metallic round pot against blue painted wall
Why Is My Jade Plant Dropping Leaves?
Close up of aerial roots of a monstera
Monstera Aerial Roots: 7 Things to Know About Them
aerial roots on a monstera
5 Things to Know About Aerial Roots
Rows of leafy greens growing under large multi-colored grow lights indoors.
What Color Light Is Best for Plant Growth?
Closeup of person pruning a peace lily
How to Prune a Peace Lily So It Looks Its Best
Prayer plant (Maranta leuconeura) in a white pot against a white background.
4 Common Reasons Your Prayer Plant’s Leaves Are Curling
A woman holding a dark green watering can in one hand and a potted succulent plant in the other.
How to Water Succulents
Bright red poinsettia flowers
Can Poinsettias Live Outside in Winter?
Christmas cactus
Why Are the Leaves on My Christmas Cactus Limp?
Working soil amendments into garden soil
Guide to Soil Amendments: What They Are and How to Use Them
A hand holding a succulent leaf with a new bud and long roots against a white background.
How to Propagate Succulents From Leaves
how to propagate orchids
How to Propagate Orchids Four Different Ways
trendy plants 2023
These Are the 5 Big 'It' Houseplants You'll See in 2023
How to Prune Orchids
How to Prune Orchids the Right Way
houseplants winter
How to Keep Plants Alive in the Dead of Winter
Overhead view of someone pruning a poinsettia plant
How to Prune a Poinsettia
Removing leaves on a dying succulent
How to Revive a Succulent
Wall shelves filled with different potted plants
6 Houseplant Trends to Look Forward to in 2023
houseplant potting media
What Is LECA and How Does It Help Plants?
Small orchid planted in yellow planter with small pink flowers
Orchids Aren't Throw-Away Plants—Keep Them Alive Year After Year
Grow light placed over potted variegated pothos plant on white desk
Can You Grow Plants With an LED Light?
Closeup of a young olive tree growing indoors
How to Grow and Care for Olive Trees Indoors
woman spraying plants
6 Plant Products and Care Items You Should Throw Away
5 Signs Your Plants Need Fresh Soil
A dying white orchid on an entry table
Why Is My Orchid Dying? 12 Signs You Need to Change Its Care
Pon substrate in a jar
Pon Is the Home Jungle Secret Plant Influencers Don't Want You to Know About
A an overhead shot of a recently repotted golden pothos on a white background with dirt around its pot.
How to Repot Pothos
Orchid Pruning
Where to Cut Orchid Stems After Bloom
Orchids in Bloom
How Long Do Orchid Blooms Last?
closeup of croton leaves
10 Houseplants That Are Basically Fall Decor
An overhead shot of two pilea peperomioides pups during propagation with soil, pots, and other plants surrounding them.
How to Propagate Pilea Peperomioides

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