5 Houseplants That'll Take Your Mind Off Winter

Houseplants That'll Take Your Mind Off Winter

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Winter can be tough for all of us. It’s cold, the days are shorter, and sometimes we may need a little extra something to lift our spirits. For plant people, that often means another plant that will spark some joy for us during this dreary time of year.

It’s nice to have some extra plants to care for to keep your mind off of the fact that it’s winter. Plus, plants can be a nice distraction and give you something to care for and do at home when you just don’t feel like leaving the coziness of your house.

They can provide you with something to focus on (like make sure your new fern is getting enough daily humidity to thrive), and they can be really nice to look at. Some plants have the most beautiful foliage ever and you can’t help but smile when looking at them.

We consulted with a team of specialists at PlantHero to put together a list of some houseplants that will be sure to take your mind off winter and have you looking forward to spring. 

Meet the Expert

Ankur Patel is one of the founders of PlantHero, an app-based telehealth service that can provide you with care information about your favorite plant.

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    Snake Plant

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    “Sansevierias, or snake plants, are the perfect antidote to the drab of winter," says Ankur Patel, founder of the PlantHero app. "According to the art of Feng Shui, vertical shapes and patterns can be highly beneficial in the home as they may uplift dark and stagnant spaces, making Sansevieria the perfect choice,” explains Patel.

    And there are so many different types of Sansevieria, each with their own unique foliage. You have the 'Whale Fin,' which often comes with just one leaf inside the nursery pot. It has marbled looking foliage and is often blue-green. And then you have the S. trifasciata var. laurentii, which is one of the more common snake plant varieties, with its green leaves with golden edges.

    No matter which variety you choose, snake plants are very resilient and can brighten up even the darkest corners of your home as they can survive in low-light situations. If you want yours to really grow though, bright indirect light is best. Water sparingly, only when the soil dries out. 

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    Norfolk Island Pine

    Norfolk Island Pine

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    Norfolk Island Pines turn winter on its head. This tropical conifer from the southern hemisphere will make you feel like you’re in the South Pacific this winter,” says Patel. They’re really interesting plants and kind of look like a cross between a Christmas tree and an asparagus fern.

    This plant would be a great addition in the winter for a number of reasons. The Norfolk Island Pine is a great choice to include in your holiday celebration. Remember that the Norfolk Island Pine loves humidity, so make sure you keep up the humidity around the plant. Place these plants in a south facing window if you can, so they can have optimal light conditions. Water when the top two inches of the soil feel dry. 

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    Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea recurvata)

    ponytail palm

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    “With its bulb-like trunk and mop of hair-like fronds, the ponytail palm brings the vibe of a South American summer into your home," notes Patel. "It doesn’t take much water, stays green year-round, is super slow growing, and can adapt to many different levels of light."

    This is a really incredible plant because its trunk can actually store water in it, so you don’t have to water it too much. The ponytail palm will brighten up your day with its interesting shape and form. And these plants even go dormant in the winter, meaning you can enjoy your plant without stressing about caring for it. They like bright indirect light and can go up to three weeks without a watering in the wintertime.

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    African Violets (Saintpaulia ionantha)

    African violets

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    “Often overlooked and forgotten, the African violet is a lush green perennial with star-shaped clusters of flowers and can bring springtime indoors year-round,” says Patel. Adding perennials are a great way to spark some joy during the dreary winter months. These little guys can even flower all year round if you give them the correct care.

    Place your plant in an east- or west-facing window (but make sure it’s not drafty). Keep the soil moist, but allow the surface to dry out between waterings. If you have a window in your bathroom, keep your African violets in there, as they thrive in humidity. 

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    Flamingo Flower (Anthurium Andraeanum)

    Flamingo Flower

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    Any plant that flowers multiple times a year is definitely a plant we want to keep in our homes during the winter. They can brighten up your space and give you something pretty to look at. Anthurium andraeanum, commonly referred to as the flamingo flower, falls into this category.

    It has beautiful reddish/pink blooms (which are actually spathes that would attract insects in the wild) that are able to last up to three months. If you care for it correctly, it will give you blooms up to six times a year. Give them bright, indirect sun, but keep them out of the windows because hot sunlight can burn their flowers. Water when the top half of the soil is dry.