Feng Shui of Bedroom Art

Choose the right piece to cultivate good energy

good feng shui art bedroom
Understand the feng shui art guidelines, then be sure to choose beautiful feng shui art for your bedroom. As a general rule, best feng shui art for your bedroom is art with soft, sensual and relaxing energy that works well with the bedroom decor. Brand X Pictures/Getty

The feng shui of your bedroom art is an important topic to understand for obvious reasons. In fact, the feng shui of any art object or decor item in your bedroom is very important, as the energy of your bedroom is directly related to the state of your health, your relationships, as well as your general well-being.

After you familiarize yourself with the basic feng shui guidelines for a good bedroom and hopefully implement them to the best of your abilities, you might have some questions about the feng shui of your bedroom art.
Apart from the obvious fact that you do not want to decorate your bedroom with sad or lonely art images (actually, you do not want them anywhere in your home, unless sad and lonely is how you want to feel!); what are the other important feng shui factors to consider when choosing bedroom art?

It is your bedroom, so it is excellent feng shui to decorate it with images that truly, truly speak to your heart.

Some General Guidelines

Now let's look into the two main guidelines for choosing good feng shui bedroom art. Here they are:

1. To create good feng shui in your bedroom, avoid art with violent, aggressive energy and images. As your bedroom is the main place for relaxation and sensual healing, any items with strong aggressive or violent energy will weaken or even completely negate the feng shui energy needed for healing.

2. To nourish the good feng shui energy in your bedroom, it is best to limit the presence of the feng shui element of water. This means avoid big mirrors, a predominantly blue color scheme in your bedroom, representation of a strong body of water or an actual water feature.

As feng shui is all about balance, it is important to understand that the above guidelines need to be followed wisely. Do not strive for a complete avoidance of color blue in your decor scheme, or no mirrors at all in your bedroom.

Know the feng shui guidelines, then follow your feelings as to what is right in your specific bedroom and at this specific time.

It is also very helpful to understand the bagua, or the feng shui energy map of your home, which will allow you to create truly vibrant and harmonious energy not only in your bedroom but the whole house. An energy map will give you basic guidelines as to which colors and shapes to emphasize in your bedroom decor, and which ones to avoid.

It will also tell you about the specific energy in your life your bedroom location is connected to. For example, you might have a bedroom in the Creativity area of the bagua, or in the Love and Marriage area.