Feng Shui Tips for Selecting and Placing Art

Display Artwork to Cultivate Good Energy

Artwork hanging in middle of dining room decorated with feng shui tips

The Spruce / Sarah Crowley

Art is one of our favorite (and fun!) ways to raise the feng shui vibration and energy of your home. Choosing art is very personal, and you should always select artwork that you love—but certain pieces can serve dual purposes by fitting into your style and contributing to your home's energy.

Art in Feng Shui

Art is all about inspiration and creative energy, which makes it a very powerful tool to shift and enhance the energy in your home. The subject matter, colors, size, shape, and placement of artwork can all impact the feng shui of your home. 

To help you to improve the overall energy in your home, just follow these simple feng shui tips for selecting and placing your art.

Love Your Artwork

Be selective when choosing art! Be sure that the art resonates with you and that you love to look at it. How does it make you feel? You will be seeing it everyday, and how a piece of art makes you feel can either support you or bring you down. 

Take your time when you begin collecting art. There is no need to rush. Pick your art slowly and mindfully, allowing yourself to sit and experience a new piece before you move on to purchasing another.

living room with artwork in brown and gold tones

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Less Is More

Less is more with art. You don't need to cover every wall in your home with paintings. The home needs to breathe and the qi (life force energy) needs to be able to flow. Having some walls that display your collection and other spaces in the home that are more sparsely decorated allows the energy to rest. 

Feng Shui for Long Hallways

Some rooms or areas of the home, like a study or long hallway, are great spaces to display a collection of art in a variety of sizes and shapes. Artwork can actually help slow rushing qi down a long narrow hallway. 

Consider the scale of your home or the space you are adding artwork to. Make sure the art is not too big and heavy for a smaller space, as it can block the flow of qi. Also, if the artwork is too small for a particular wall, it can give you a feeling that something is missing in your life.

Mix Shapes and Sizes

Mixing sizes and shapes of artwork gets things moving and brings in more dynamic feng shui energy. Curating a collection of art that mixes artistic style, mediums, frame colors, and sizes of the pieces gives a space a creative and unexpected feel; this is great in a work space where you want to be inspired to be more creative and think about things from a different perspective.

a wall of art with a plant

Taylor Heery / Unsplash

Imagery and Colors

Imagery, subject matter, and the colors you choose for your artwork is personal and can affect the feng shui of the home. As mentioned above, be sure you love your artwork!

Are there certain subjects or images that should be avoided? The act of selecting artwork and feng shui are both personal practices, and everyone’s energy and taste is unique to them. One piece of art may be perfect to support one person, but if you took that same piece and put it in another person’s home, it might do quite the opposite and become a drain on their energy. In general, the following subjects and placements are best avoided: single and lonely looking people (especially in the bedroom), violent imagery, and family photos in the bedroom. 

Color can make a big impact on the qi in your home. You can use color as an expression of the five elements to evoke and invite certain energies. For example, if you have a dull and stagnant area in your home, adding a painting with reds and oranges will bring in the fire element, which can kick-start the qi and get things moving. Red is a very intense color. Try it out if you feel you can handle the high vibration and increased energy!

Hanging Tips

How high you hang your artwork can also affect the feng shui in your home. One of the most common mistakes when hanging artwork is to hang art too low. Hanging the art too low will lower your qi.

If you are feeling down and defeated, take a look at how your artwork is hung. Does your chin tilt down slightly to see the center of the painting or photo? Raise your gaze to raise the energy! If you have a tendency toward depression or low moods, placing your art a bit higher than normal can also help to lift your qi.