How Big Is the Center of the Bagua?

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Tom Merton / Getty Images

Question: I understand the directions and size for each feng shui bagua area but do not know the size of the center of the bagua. How big is the center and is it different for baguas of two feng shui schools?

This sure is an interesting feng shui question, thank you for asking! The feng shui bagua center of the house is a strong energy vortex with activity that can be compared to a human's heart.

Just like a healthy functioning of the heart is crucial for the health of all body organs and parts, the same applies to a well-treated feng shui center of your home.

The comparison with the human heart can be used to emphasize the next two important feng shui points:

  • An open heart center is the best feng shui (just like an open heart in a human being).
  • Some houses have a small heart center, while other houses have big, radiating centers (same as with human beings).

The reason I am answering your question in general terms in because there is no exact size and dimension for energy in feng shui. There is no strict rigid boundary, let's say from one bagua area to the other, they flow and melt into each other.

From my feng shui experience consulting for numerous homes, the house center size always varies depending on many factors, such as the floor plan, for example, as well as the energy of people living in the house. In a happy household the heart, or the feng shui center of the bagua, is inevitable a healthy and strongly radiating center.

Once you have been practicing feng shui for a while, you will be able to sense the center as a radiating energy, and even feel its expanding radius.

When you define the feng shui bagua of your home or office, the center will be defined depending on the feng shui bagua school you use. If you use the BTB/Intuitive Feng Shui School Bagua, you will have the center as a square or rectangle equal in size to the other feng shui bagua areas.

If you use the Compass/Classical Feng Shui School Bagua, the center will be noted as energy radiating from the center point of intersecting bagua boundaries/lines. (You might have noticed in our video on defining the feng shui bagua I just note the center with a swirling vortex symbol.)

To conclude, the size of the feng shui center of the home, also called the heart of the home, will vary depending on many factors. Your goal is to make the heart of the home as open, bright, and as light and happy as possible.

And, once you make it light and happy, be sure to keep it this way!