How Can I Feel the Feng Shui Energy?

A woman stretching and feeling Feng Shui energy
Train your senses to look for answers to what you feel. Cultura Matelly/Getty Images

Good feng shui involves both various calculations and analytical feng shui knowledge, as well as the use of intuitive abilities, or sensing the feng shui energy in your home. Both sides are very important in creating good feng shui in your home, office or garden (and even in feng shui-ing your car!).

Develop Your Ability to Read Feng Shui Energy

Developing your intuitive, or the pure instinctive ability to read the feng shui energy of any space will truly serve you well, and not only for feng shui purposes.
The best way to start is to let go of your intimidation with the notion of reading or feeling the feng shui energy. Basically, we all have this ability, but some people practice it more consciously than others. This is a natural ability, and you sure have it, too.
You do know when a place feels good, and you also know when a place feels bad, don't you? So the next step is to find the factors that create that either good or bad quality of energy. Is it the absence of natural light or fresh air? Bad smells? Maybe it's a cluttered space with many dull or violent images? Colors that clash and create an unsettling feeling?

Train Your Senses

Train your senses to look for possible answers to what you feel, and you will get better and more confident in your feng shui energy reading abilities very soon. Understand what makes good feng shui as opposed to bad feng shui; this will give you a good foundation to develop further your newly discovered abilities.
After a while it gets really simple -- the energy either feels good, or it doesn't. Sometimes the energy can be neutral, but not for too long, as the nature of energy is to be in constant movement and transformation. Trust yourself and know that it is easy to distinguish between energies with different qualities to them.

Make It Into a Game

Making it into a game will give you more confidence, as well as make it more enjoyable and fun, thus releasing the seriousness of the whole reading the feng shui energy concept.
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