All the Ways Creative People Organize Their Workspace

Visual elements, colors, and change all play their part

colorful desk

Marti Sans / Stocksy

Workplace organization is a part of everyone’s career. From the stay-at-home employee to the start-up founder who pulls extra hours on the weekends to get her company off the ground, learning how to make your workspace functional is not only important—it’s necessary.

Everyone has a ‘method to the madness,’ if you will, when it comes to creating unique spaces at the office or at home. But, whether it’s certain style choices or an intentional color-coding of all items, undoubtedly, creative people organize their workspace differently. Here’s how:

1. Color-Coding to Organize Utensils, Items, and Tasks

Talk to any creative person—visually-inclined or not—and they’ll probably tell you that there’s some element of color-coding involved. On a typical creative person’s desk, you’ll often find red pens separated from blue pens, yellow sticky-notes in a different corner than pink ones, and the list goes on.

If you really take the time to investigate this person’s work area, you’ll quickly pick up on the fact that there are different colors for different facets of business. For example, family is highlighted orange, school is green—everything has its special designation and place.

2. Adding Engaging Visuals to Stimulate Their Minds

Whether you’re sitting at your desk for two hours or nine hours, it’s important to stay engaged. Although it seems counterintuitive to have distracting elements in a place of focus, a creative person actually thrives on this.

If you check out a creative person’s desk, you’ll often find a myriad of visual elements—pictures, graphics, posters, or even art from loved ones—pasted to the walls or pressed into the bulletin board backsplash. Sure, these things can be distracting for some, but for those that identify as creative, this constant visual stimulation offers a break from work and a reminder that there is so much to be excited about and thankful for.

3. Using Photographs and Quotes to Spark Ideas

As far as visual elements go, oftentimes creative people will incorporate photographs or quotes to spark inspiration. Different from the pictures of loved ones, these ‘collage-like’ images offer decoration and motivation to keep going.

4. Incorporating Multiple Screens to Help See Material in Different Ways

Creative people thrive on seeing things differently. Whether this is a video at full-screen, a product in multiple dimensions, or an idea broken down step-by-step, having the ability to visualize through multiple screens and methods can bring concepts to life in ways you never imagined.  

5. Designating Sections for Personal, Business, and Creative Work

This goes without saying, but there’s value in separating different areas of focus in life. A creative person knows this and thrives when they can divide and designate these areas.

This can be seen by sectioning off areas of workspace with different colors, posters, items, or to-do lists. This is also apparent in how a creative person approaches their work. Oftentimes you’ll find them breaking up the day or ‘chunking’ hours to get the maximum focus on different tasks.

6. Switching up the Layout to Keep Things Fresh

One of the ways creative people organize their workspace is actually by not keeping things the same. Although this sounds a little strange, a creative person thrives on change. In switching things up occasionally, everything feels new and exciting—and this continually sparks those creative juices.

Whether attacking a project from a new angle or simply moving items around on a desk, creative people love forcing themselves out of their comfort zones in order to truly thrive.