How Decluttering Can Save Money on Home Staging Costs

home office decluttering save money
Decluttering and getting organized could make you money. GoodMoodPhoto via Deposit Photos

Before you go out and spend money on new furniture or a cleaning service, see how you can save money on home staging costs by decluttering your home. Before we think about moving our homes are often the source of lots of “stuff”. We like to be prepared for when household goods or we like to have extra furniture for when you entertain the family twice a year, etc.. Although when it’s time to list your home and put it up for sale it’s time to realize that all the “stuff” is costing you money and...MORE it’s showing your home in a bad light. Whether you keep buying multiples of items you already have because you can’t find the originals or your clutter is so bad that you need costly storage units, let's see how you can save money on home staging costs with these decluttering tips.

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    Home Staging Costs can Cost more if you Hire a Professional

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    Decluttering could save you money on home staging. Getty Images

    While every home is different there are times when hiring a staging professional can be helpful. If you aren’t familiar with the housing market or what buyers are looking for than a staging pro could be beneficial. Although, if you are strapped for money and need a “DIY” way to stage your home than decluttering is the first step to take. Removing oversized furniture from small rooms, clearing off countertops of small appliances and donating unneeded household items is the first step to helping...MORE your home breathe and can save you money.

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    Minimize Clutter to Spend Less on Duplicates

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    Organization & decluttering can appeal to homebuyers. Getty Images

    Has your Realtor suggested that you bring out some decorative throw pillows for your sofa or even put out your nicest guest towels in the bathroom to display when potential buyers come by? If you’re thinking you need to run out and buy new decorative items for your home staging efforts think again. Do you remember you have new throw pillows in the basement packed up from the previous house? Examples like these are prevalent when your home is cluttered and you continuously buy new items because...MORE you can’t locate the old. Purge outdated furniture, decorative items, throw rugs and more as you use them, rather than waiting until your house is overly junky.



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    Decluttering can Help You Downsize and Save Money

    home office decluttering save money
    Decluttering and getting organized could make you money. GoodMoodPhoto via Deposit Photos


    For many homeowners moving to a smaller home can be liberating and can also help you get your life back on track from the roller-coasting of spending to “fill up the house”. Decluttering can save money on home staging costs by helping you get rid of items that will not fit in the next house. Many urban dwellers find living in smaller homes helps them prioritize what is absolutely necessary and helps them be more efficient in their homes. Decluttering and downsizing can help your current staged...MORE home look larger as you free up more visual space as well as mental clutter for your next home. Saving money on fewer possessions is always a good start to a more economical lifestyle.

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    Why Not Make Money while Decluttering?

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    Why not make some money from decluttering?. Good Mood Photos via Deposit Photos


    Believe it or not, your decluttering could help you raise enough money to spend on the movers! When staging your home, clutter is one of the number one turn-offs for potential homebuyers. As you start to go through your closets, pantry, garage, and basement - why not sell your items to those who may love your belongings? Garage sales, consignment shops, and classifieds online and on social media channels can help you cash in on your discarded belongings. Decluttering your home before staging...MORE your home can help you find items you couldn’t find, but also help you get rid of items you no longer need or possibly can’t fit into anymore!

    Decluttering your home to prepare it for sale could be one of the most life-changing routines you may experience. It will help you pare down your lifestyle, your abode, and will help clear the clutter in your mind to prepare for your move. The result will be a cleaner and more spacious looking home to show off to potential buyers and it may help you find more time in your day at the same time. Sounds like a win-win for everyone involved. This season, save money on home staging costs with these helpful decluttering tips.