How Deeply to Plant Garlic

Soil Depth for Garlic Gardening

Planting garlic in the vegetable garden. Autumn gardening.
alicjane / Getty Images

Garlic is an absolute necessity in many kitchens. But why buy it when it's so easy to grow your own? Garlic really is one of those crops that you plant, then walk away and wait to reap the harvest. And planting garlic is easy. Loose, well-draining soil and a spot in full sun are essential for robust growth.

To plant garlic, dig holes or furrows approximately six inches apart and three inches deep. Place individual cloves in the holes, cover with soil, and water. If you have squirrels or other animals that try digging them up, consider covering the area with chicken wire or wire mesh -- the scapes can still grow up through it, but it will thwart any mischievous animals.

Spread a six-inch-deep layer of organic mulch, such as pine straw or fall leaves, over the entire area. Within six to eight weeks, shoots may emerge. This is fine -- the plant will stop growing once the soil gets cold, and growth will resume in the spring.

That really is all there is to planting garlic.