How to Use Agate for Good Feng Shui

large agate next to sage and a plant

The Spruce / Anastasia Tretiak

Agate is a very popular stone in various feng shui cures and carvings. You can find a wide variety of agate on the market—from red agate to moss agate to blue, purple and pink agates. Basically, it would be pretty accurate to say that agate comes in most colors of the rainbow.

Characteristic of agate is a beautiful banding that can reveal mysterious shapes, forms, and layers. Agate also has a gentle translucency that makes it fascinating to explore.

agate closeup
The Spruce / Anastasia Tretiak


As a form of chalcedony (type of quartz) agate exhibits a variety of colors, shapes, as well as an often present gentle iridescence. Agate combines the strength and solidity of the stone with the fluidity of the water element and the translucency of air—a unique combination of energies, indeed!


Most of the agate on the market come from India, Brazil, US, and Morocco.

Specific Feng Shui Properties

Agate has a balancing and healing energy that can be very soothing; this applies especially to the blue agate. Katrina Raphaell, the authority on healing with crystals, considers the blue lace agate the most powerful healing stone of all the blue stones.
None of the blue stones, she writes in her Crystalline Transmission book, has a more peaceful countenance than the soft presence of the blue lace agate. Considered more healing than chrysocolla, turquoise, celestite, aquamarine, and other powerful blue healers of the earth, agate is also inexpensive and easily available.

Similar energy can be attributed to other types of agate; their energies being expressed further by specific colors. For example, the fire red agate will have the same healing energy, but in a more energized manner, while the green agate will be healing and very refreshing for one's mind and body.

Agate is also considered to be protective, as well as ground, so it is often combined with Dzi beads to create feng shui bracelets of various designs.


Place your agate in any area of your home that needs gentle healing and more expression. If you are working with tumbled agate stones, then go by the feng shui element meaning of the specific color of agate. For example, the blue lace agate will be excellent feng shui in the East (Health) and Southeast (Wealth) bagua areas of your home; while the nourishing fire agate can create wonderful feng shui energy in your Southwest bagua area (Love and Marriage).


You can choose your agate in specific feng shui amulets and carvings, such as turtles, Pi Yao or Wu Lou (Chinese gourd). As with any crystal or stone, you can also always go for the universal heart shape—easy to find in most new age and crystal stores.

Tumbled agate is widely available, as is agate jewelry, so you can experiment and see which form of agate works best for you and your home.

Contrary to what many people believe, the wind chimes made of artificially colored slices of agate are not good feng shui. Go for agate in its natural or tumbled form in order to truly enjoy its powerful balancing and nurturing energy.