How Downsizing Can Help You Declutter for Potential Buyers

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    Downsizing Can Help Declutter your Home

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    Downsizing in today's world has become more common than not. Whether it’s time for shifting from a mansion to a condo or from a three bedroom apartment to a two bedroom, moving from a large home full of belongings to a smaller place can be tricky. It often seems easier to drag a box full of useless items to your new house than it would be to sit down and sort it out. The problem with this attitude is that it perpetuates clutter. Downsizing is a good way to declutter and minimalize your life. Moreover, decluttering at the time of downsizing is a great way to attract potential buyers for your current home.

    Get Rid of Clutter With Garage Organization​

    The garage is often used as a storage area for whatever does not fit into the house. Because they are big open spaces, they are easy targets for anything that does not have a set place. Moving to a smaller house is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and get rid of clutter. Commit to a system of keep/donate/throw away to eliminate clutter. As a thumb rule, don’t keep things that you don’t use. Consider using organizing tools to make the process easier. The garage is one area that usually doesn’t have items with a lot of sentimental value, so use it to your advantage and edit as much as possible. Consider calling a junk removal company to remove larger items from your garage that you won't need anymore.


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    Prioritize Belongings Before Downsizing your Home

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    Organize Your Priority Belongings Before Downsizing

    In order to downsize, determine which items you need and which ones aren’t necessary for your new home. Identify the things that are actually important to you, and you can’t live without. Making a list of the things that are essential will help to highlight the less important items that could be tossed, donated, or sold. Work from room to room, and make a list of priority belongings. And while you are at it, put these items in storage boxes so that when it’s time to move, they will be much easier to deal with.

    Go Digital: Small Houses Require Fewer Belongings

    Digitizing is another great way to get rid of as much clutter as possible. CDs, DVDs, videos, pictures and other important documents can all be digitized and saved to a computer hard drive or the cloud. Other than some very important documents for which you need hard copies, most can be simply scanned and saved to the computer. You will be surprised how this simple step of going paperless can help you get rid of paper clutter, discs, videos and more.

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    A Garage or Estate Sale Could Get Rid of Large Furniture

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    Hold an Estate Sale for Larger Furniture Pieces

    Once you have decided to part with those things that you don’t need, why not sell them for cash at a garage sale or estate sale? Smaller items like books, computer accessories, and more can be sold online. After all, the primary objective of downsizing is to downsize, so make an effort to make as much money from the items you won’t take with you as possible. This will help you to buy things that are size appropriate for your new lifestyle.

    Downsizing and getting rid of your unwanted belongings can not only help your property to show better but can also make the entire moving process much simpler. After all, why go through the task of moving the items you don’t use, want, or need any longer? The decision to move into a smaller space is a fresh start and creating an appealing home for your potential homebuyers is essential.