Ways Families Can Celebrate Earth Day

Family Playing Near Solar Farm on Earth Day

Stephen Lux/Getty Images

Earth Day is intended to inspire awareness of and appreciation for the Earth's environment. There are many ways that families can celebrate Earth Day. Not only is it the best time of year to get outside and enjoy the weather, it is a perfect opportunity to teach children how they can also enjoy, and take care of their environment for the future. 

In the Northern hemisphere, Earth Day is celebrated on April 22.

While many families may choose to celebrate on their own, expect organizations to schedule different activities in the community in the weeks before and after Earth Day. Every little bit of help counts, it is important to get children to participate, create new long-lasting family traditions they will become part of their family's future, too.


  • Visit locations like community playgrounds and parks and participate in a yard and property clean-up, throwing away any unnecessary trash or litter 
  • Choose a scooter, bike or ride-on toy to go to the park instead of driving
  • Fly a drone and take video footage of your neighborhood to document any changes over time
  • Spend time outside in a playhouse or at the playground
  • Make toys out of recycled cardboard boxes, cans, and other household items
  • Have a yard sale and sell any used toys the children no longer play with, consider donating the funds to a local or national organization committed to the future health of the planet
  • Donate toys to friends and family members instead of placing them in the trash
  • Start a fruit and vegetable garden in the yard, or even an indoor garden on a windowsill or kitchen counter
  • Grow your own butterflies at home, then when they emerge from the cocoon release them into a flower garden
  • Gather up the art supplies, paint or draw pictures of the yard or beautiful places you'd like to visit as a family
  • Get a journal and sit together to make a family wish list of all the ways you will help the earth throughout the year, 1 time each season to make it a cleaner, better place
  • Create a family schedule for outdoor toy organization and yard clean-up chores like weeding and raking
  • Spend time cleaning the toys in the home using non-toxic cleaners, wipe down the toys and wash the stuffed animals in the washing machine 
  • On a warmer day, organize a "car wash" for the kids bikes, ride-on toys, sand/water tables to get rid of dirt, dust, mold and other allergens 
  • Go camping, even if you pitch a tent and do science-related activities with kid-friendly microscopes, right in your backyard
  • Stargaze with a telescope
  • Power-down. Turn off the electronic devices and spend time playing a board game, card game or silly party game
  • Plan to buy a new toy from eco-friendly companies who are committed to sustainability, and that have created policies to plant trees and save the Earth as part of their manufacturing process