How Junk Removal Can Help Enhance Your Staged Home

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    Help Buyers see your Home without a Cluttered View

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    Decide if junk removal will help your staged home. Getty Images

    Junk removal is one of those thoughts you don't think of until you really need it. You may not be bothered by your overflowing closets, drawers that won’t shut, cluttered surfaces, or unfinished projects. However, buyers will. If you’re thinking of doing something about the junk that seems to have taken over your life, you are not alone. Most homeowners can never seem to develop a system that keeps their home clutter-free. Clutter can prevent you from selling your home. Don’t complain about...MORE junk when you can do something about it. Here’s how junk removal can increase the appeal of your staged home.

    Homebuyers Shouldn't be Distracted by Clutter

    When buyers step inside your home, their eyes are drawn to the most prominent things. Bills on a dining table, bulging closets, and a disorganized kitchen can make them forget that they came to see the house, not its possessions. They may not see the striking fireplace, the new appliances, or the hardwood floor.

    You may not know it, but the fewer items you have, the easier it will be to keep your home clutter-free. Remove the junk that is taking your time and energy. Get rid of things you no longer use and those that make your home look disorganized. Move from room to room and remove everything that fits the above description. Some things may be easier to spot than other so you can divide each room into zones. Work on one zone at a time then move to the next.


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    Junk Removal Could Make your Room Look Larger

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    Bring order out of chaos so buyers can see your space. Getty Images


    Home Staging Tips: Decorate with Subtle Touches

    When the furnishings and decor objects in your home have some breathing room, they stand out. A properly staged home allows buyers to walk around with ease. Choose a focal point for every room and decorate around it. In the living room, it can be the fireplace; in the dining area, it can be the table; in the bedroom, the bed. Everything else should take a secondary role. If you try to make everything in a room stand out, you’ll end up creating...MORE visual chaos.

    Add some special items strategically around your home – artwork in the living room, table lamps in the entryway, and throw pillows to sofas. Choose objects that will draw the attention of buyers.

    Consider Junk Removal to Make Rooms Look Larger

    If you have a junk removal service in your city consider hiring them. Most junk removal companies charge by the amount of space you use in their truck. Some junk removal companies charge by the hour or per piece. Check with junk removal companies in your area for pricing.

    A home that is clutter-free appears visually bigger. Everything in your home should have a place because if it doesn’t, it will find its way to a tabletop, a countertop, or a floor. The bad thing about clutter is that it expands so sneakily you may not even notice it. If your home is small, make use of creative storage. This way, you will be able to store things that are floating around without having to rearrange your home.

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    Remove Junk from your Garage Organization for Appeal

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    Organize your garage for buyer appeal. Getty Images


    Garage Organization: Make Organization Top Priority

    Garage organization is one thing most home sellers overlook when staging their homes. Don’t make the same mistake. Don’t fill your garage with storage boxes and hope that buyers will understand. Declutter it like the other rooms in your home. Dispose of unused items and hold a garage sale. After the sale, pack the remaining items and take them to a local charity.

    If the junk is too much, contact a dumpster rental company. A dumpster or a...MORE roll-off container can accommodate all the things you don’t need. After you’ve filled it with things, the dumpster rental company can pick it up. Browse home staging tips and make your garage look brand new.

    There is no way buyers can picture themselves in your home if it is filled with clutter. Clutter will only distract them and they will think you never bothered to prepare for them. Don’t think that your home will look plain when you get rid of junk, it will shine and look more spacious. Junk removal will go a long way towards helping sell your home. Get rid of junk and let your home sell itself.