How Long Does it Take for Sofa Delivery?

If you want a sofa in a hurry, then select one that is in stock. Photo (c) Restoration Hardware

Question: How long does it take for sofa delivery? We moved to a new state and a new home just two months ago. I need a new sofa, but I've been told that it may take about 12 weeks before I get my sofa. Is this usual? Can I buy a sofa that can be delivered sooner?

Answer: Sofa delivery can be anywhere from the same day to 12 weeks or even more depending on what kind of sofa you buy.

To get delivery of your sofa sooner, try buying a sofa that is already in stock and does not require any customization.

Here's how it works. If you walk into a store and select a sofa that is in stock, you can get it delivered fairly quickly. Since the store has the sofa in their warehouse, and it is not being customized in any way, it can be a fairly simple process.

Don't assume that it will be same day delivery or next day delivery, because different retail stores have different policies regarding furniture delivery. Maybe they deliver only certain days of the week, or they warehouse in a different location. Even if that is the case, delivery will be speedier than if you were to order a customized sofa. However, you should ask your salesperson about delivery before you commit to a sofa purchase.

When you customize a sofa by selecting a different fabric, arm, back, or size then you are looking at a delivery date that is anywhere from 4 to12 weeks in the future, usually. Often you may find that it takes even longer.

I have noticed that a lot of customers try to pressure the store for earlier delivery and then get upset when the sofa is not delivered by the requested delivery date. It doesn't work out for the customer, and it doesn't work out for the store because there are two things wrong with this scenario: a store making a promise that it cannot keep, and a customer setting herself up for disappointment.

If you are ordering a customized sofa, you have to understand that a lot depends on your level of customization. A different frame assembly may be required. There may be some delay in getting the fabric you request. The customized sofa may have to be shipped from a different state or even a different country. All or any of these factors can impact a delivery date and cost you additional time. The upside is that you end up with the sofa that you want and need, not just one that you settled for.

Give yourself enough time because it is an expensive purchase and one that you will likely have to live with for a number of years.