5 Ways Mid-Century Modern Diehards Love Differently

You want your relationships to be more meaningful

midcentury modern decor

Katarzyna Bialasiewicz / Getty Images

If you’re a fan of mid-century modern design style, chances are, you value simplicity and functionality—the main staples of this type of design. From sleek lines and minimalistic decor to the juxtaposition of contrasting elements, mid-century modern combines all the classic colors and flares for a regal, yet understated look. If this style is your jam, you’re bound to connect to elements of this design in all aspects of your life—including the way you love. Here are five ways mid-century modern diehards love differently (and beautifully).

Your Relationships Are More Than Just Connections

As a mid-century modern fan, you live by the saying, form follows function. You value the functionality of your home décor, spaces, and furniture, and this translates to how you see your relationships, too.

No, you don’t necessarily desire for your connections to be practical or useful—you want them to be meaningful. 

To you, every one of your relationships—romantic, platonic, or familial—serves a unique purpose. A romantic partner isn’t just there to ‘fill a void;’ rather, (s)he is a companion  you can ride through life’s storms with. A friendship or familial connection isn’t just about what you can gain by being involved, but what you can give.

You Tend to Be More Logical and Rational

As someone who appreciates mid-century modern style, you are partial towards sleek lines, geometric forms, and classic composition. This logical, straightforward nature is apparent in how you love, too.

At the core, you’re a no b.s. type of person, and you tend to see things on more of the rational side. When it comes to arguments or disagreements, you’re quick to seek out multiple perspectives and be the voice of reason in the difficult situations. You’re also one to keep your cool, even when things don’t go your way.

You Place Value on the Little Things

You value minimalism—in both your design preference and your relationships. As a minimalist, you like things to be decluttered and simplistic. So naturally, when it comes to love, you’re less inclined to be attracted to all the bells and whistles. Instead, you resonate more with the sweet, sentimental gestures that happen behind-the-scenes of the day-to-day. Just like your classic and sleek design preference, you value relationships that add simplicity value to your life (as opposed to cluttering it). 

You Enjoy Learning About Your Partner While Building New Traditions

As a mid-century modern diehard, you love to explore the contrasts between traditional and non-traditional design elements and décor. Chances are, your home probably has a mix of older furniture combined with new-age colors, or modern features paired with vintage staple items.

This blend of styles translates to how you love, too. While you value (and cling to) traditions of your past (good ones, of course!), you also wholeheartedly embrace the newness of your relationships/partners as well. And you find value in connecting you and your partner’s differences to make new traditions altogether. This mix of styles and perspectives lends itself to a unique blend—your blend.  

You Seek Out Those Who Are in Contrast to You

The phrase, ‘opposites attract,’ really rings true for you. Just as you value the juxtaposition of elements in your mid-century modern home design and with respect to traditions, you appreciate differences in your relationships and partner in general, and often seek them out intentionally.

There’s something to be said for the contrasting perspectives, ideas, and values. In your eyes, this imbalance creates an eclectic connection that is forever growing. And just as elements of design are always shifting, so are you and the dynamic of your relationships.