How Much Does a Patio Cost?

Stone Patio

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A patio enhances and expands your exterior living space and helps you enjoy the outdoors in comfort. But before you build a patio, it's important to form a clear idea of how much a patio costs to maximize the value of your investment and minimize cost overruns.

In general, the cost of a patio ranges from $1,100 on the low end up to $10,215 on the high end, with an average cost of building a patio at around $5,660. The cost of installing a patio varies by factors such as size, materials, design, labor costs, and whether you do some work yourself, and more. 

Patio Cost Factors

There are several factors that go into the cost of a patio, including size, design, materials, and more.


Size, Square Feet Cost
50 $1,300
100 $2,600
150 $3,900
200 $4,200
300 $7,800
400 $8,400
500 $13,000

On a square foot basis, expect to pay from $5 to $50 for professional installation, with an average of about $26 per square foot.

The size of the patio influences its look, functionality, and value. The patio needs to be sized in proportion to the home for correct visual balance. In terms of cost, the size of the patio has a direct bearing on the overall cost of the patio. A larger patio uses more materials and labor to complete.


Custom patio shapes other than straightforward squares and rectangles require more work and sometimes specialized materials and installation techniques. 


Material Cost, Per Square Foot
Gravel $1 to $3
Concrete $3 to $6
Pavers $10 to $25
Natural Stone $15 to $50
Permeable Pavers $20 to $40

The cost of the patio materials can start as low as $2 per square foot or as much as $23 or more per square foot, depending on the type of material you choose. 

  • Gravel: Gravel costs about $1 to $3 per square foot. Gravel is consistently one of the least-expensive options. But gravel does require the highest degree of maintenance.
  • Concrete Slab: Concrete slabs cost about $3 to $6 per square foot, depending on the slab's type and thickness. A popular choice for patios, concrete is durable, low maintenance, and easily cleanable.
  • Pavers: Building a patio with pavers typically costs an average of $10 to $25 per square foot. Pavers lay directly on a sand and gravel base, which stabilizes the pavers and promotes drainage. Pavers are relatively easy for DIYers to install as well.
  • Natural Stone/Flagstone: Building a new patio with natural stone is one of the more expensive options, at around $15 to $50 per square foot. Natural stone is a premium paving option that can enhance a yard with its natural beauty.
  • Permeable Pavers: Building a patio with permeable pavers costs around $20 to $40 per square foot. With a higher upfront cost, permeable pavers can reduce maintenance costs—or even mitigate the chance of flooding. Made of fired clay or concrete, permeable pavers allow water to quickly move through the waters rather than running off to the side.


Flagstone is a flat, sedimentary category of rock that easily cleaves into thinner sheets for walkways or patios. Slate, shale, sandstone, quartzite, bluestone (a type of sandstone), and limestone are popular types of flagstones.


In many areas, on-grade patio and concrete slabs do not require permits. That being said permit requirements vary from place to place. Accessories may require permitting such as outdoor kitchens, buried electrical cable for lighting, and patio covers or pergolas.


Labor costs between $5 and $15 or more per square foot for patio installation, for an average labor cost of $12.50 per square foot. So, roughly half the cost of professional patio installation is devoted to labor charges.

More complicated installations that involve site-grading or removing an existing patio will incur greater labor charges.

DIY vs Professional Patio Installation

DIY patio installation will cost less than professional installation because labor changes will be eliminated. Expect to pay from $3 to $9.50 per square foot for DIY patio installation, for an average of about $6.25 per square foot. 

Compared to up to $15 per square foot charges for professional installation, DIY installation costs about half as much as professional work.

If you’re tackling the patio project by yourself, stick with simple materials (such as gravel or pavers) and simple techniques (grading with a shovel and tamping by hand). Using rented power tools like a vibratory plate compactor reduces work but add another $400 to $500 to the project if rented for a week.

Benefits of Installing a Patio

Installing a patio in a yard adds to the home's property value, expands living space, and improves exterior aesthetics.

Improve Property Value

Adding a patio can increase the value of your property and can recoup nearly your entire investment. As a popular feature that is attractive to many potential buyers, a well-designed and well-maintained patio can return up to 95-percent of its cost upon sale of the house.

Increase Living Space

A patio expands indoor living space to the outdoors. A patio provides additional living space that can be used for outdoor dining, relaxation, and entertainment. A patio also acts as a transition space between the indoors and other yard spaces like gardens.

Enhance Outdoor Visuals

A patio isn't just a place for relaxing and cooking. The patio itself can complement the architecture and landscaping of your home. A patio can be a gorgeous setting for outdoor decor and furnishings, such as plants, artwork, and lighting.

7 Tips For Saving Money on Patio Installation

  1. Plan carefully: Research, plan, and budget your patio installation carefully to avoid overpaying for too many materials, the wrong materials, or for a patio design that isn't suitable for you and the home.
  2. Choose a basic design: Stick to a standard square or rectangular shape to save on expensive patio designs. Complex patio designs invariably cost more than simple, straightforward shapes and styles.
  3. Choose lower-cost materials: Pick gravel, concrete, and pavers to control the patio hardscaping costs. Natural stone and flagstone are more expensive, but they may crucial to your enjoyment and they may add value to the home.
  4. Obtain multiple quotes: Solicit three estimates to give you a range of choices. When the three quotes come in, pick the lowest estimate if cost is your primary concern.
  5. Hire a reputable landscaper: While it may be tempting to go with the lowest quote, also consider whether the landscaper is experienced and reputable. Check reviews and references to see if this provider will be a good fit for you.
  6. Future-proof your patio: Consider the long-term costs of the patio. A patio that is inexpensive upon installation may prove to be more expensive in the end—in terms of low durability and higher maintenance requirements. 
  7. Do some work yourself: Do some of the work yourself to save money on labor costs. Adding garden beds, basic landscape lighting, or removing turf are simple tasks that you can do to save on patio installation costs.

Questions to Ask a Landscaper

When speaking to a landscaper about your upcoming patio project, ask these questions:

  • What is your experience with my type of patio installation? 
  • What types of materials do you recommend for my patio, keeping cost and durability in mind?
  • How would you intend to design my patio?
  • Do you have any examples of similar patios that you have installed?
  • What is the project timeline?
  • Will you be handling all aspects of the project?
  • Do you offer any labor warranties or guarantees, and do any of the materials have warranties too?
  • What is your process for communicating with clients during the installation process?
  • Are you licensed, bonded, and insured? 
  • How much should a 20x20 patio cost?

    A 20-foot by 20-foot patio will cost about $10,400 to build, based on an average professional installation cost of about $26 per square foot.

  • Does building a patio add value?

    Building a patio will add value to a home both in terms of user enjoyment and return on investment (ROI). It's estimated that the ROI for a patio can be as high as 95-percent.

  • Is it cheaper to build a deck or concrete patio?

    It is cheaper to build a concrete patio than to build a deck. The cost to build a deck is between $20 and $50 per square foot, on average, with pressure-treated wood decking.

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