How Your Partner's Body Changes During Pregnancy

Heterosexual couple with her pregnant
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As every man who has been an expectant father knows, the only thing constant during pregnancy is change. In fact, the level and rate of change that occurs in your partner, in your relationship and in your feelings as a soon-to-be-dad are a little overwhelming to many men.

Some of the most important and noticeable changes happen in your partner's body. From physical changes like a swelling belly and breasts to mood swings to temperature tolerance, nothing seems to remain the same.

This holds true for changes from pre-pregnant to pregnant, but also as time progresses in the pregnancy.

So what should an expectant dad expect as far as the physical changes his mate will experience during pregnancy?

If your partner is newly pregnant, you should not only be excited, but you should be watching for some body changes and new emotions that you have not yet experienced with her. She may be experiencing morning sickness and nausea, her body will start feeling tired sooner and she may be having some mood swings that you are not prepared for.  Here are some things to expect in terms of emotional and body changes during the first three months of her pregnancy.

In the second trimester of pregnancy, body changes and emotional adjustments are a bit more dramatic than in the first trimester. Her pregnancy will start to show, which is likely to bring some concerns about her body image.

 Skin changes may also be present during the second trimester.  Learn what all to expect during this time of additional hormones, feelings, and body changes.

During the third trimester, body changes become even more pronounced. Her pregnant belly will get even larger, making her feel awkward and creating some additional back pain.

 Find out what else to expect about your partner's body changes in the third trimester.

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