How to Attract Homebuyers with Fall Decor

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    Clear your Entryway to Welcome in Potential Buyers

    fall decor home staging ideas
    Bring fall into your entryways with color and textures. Getty Images

    Fall decor is perfect when the colors of autumn inspire our indoor and outdoor homes. Even though the temperatures are getting cooler, doesn’t mean your home won’t sell. You may just need some fall decor in your home to bring in the warmth. Get inspired by the turning color leaves in your yard, or by the decorative wreaths that grace doors around your neighborhood. Take a look at these tips to attract homebuyers into your cozy fall home for sale this season.

    Clean Up the Mess and Declutter your...MORE Home

    If you live in your home as you try to sell it, chances are you’ll be doing a lot of entertaining. Fall apparel, kids’ school belonging, and visitors can disorganize your tidy home. Clean and declutter your home regularly and once you are through, repair, replace, repaint, and remove worn-out features. These days, home buyers expect perfection and cleaning throughout your home will help present your home in its best light.

    Clear the Entryway

    While it is important to clear the entryway during the other seasons, you must pay special attention to it during the fall and into the winter. Your foyer can be easily cluttered by shoes and boots filled with mud and snow. Remove footwear and store family gear in a trunk or closet. Place a mat outside your doorway and inside. Potential buyers will be inclined to wipe off unwanted debris before coming into your home.

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    Give Rooms a Warm Touch of Fall

    Fall decor home office
    Use warm orange and natural decor for your home. Getty Images

    Avoid Decorating Over the Top!

    Remember less is more and in your fall home decorating, a hint of the season is all you need. Use minimal decorations; a basket of acorns or a lovely wreath can change the look of your home without drawing too much attention. A basket of pinecones, or natural artwork in key rooms throughout your home showing off fall leaves and nature can set the autumnal tone.

    If you want to attract as many buyers as possible, opt for general winter decorations and avoid objects...MORE with religious themes. Steer clear of large decorations as they can crowd your home and prevent buyers from seeing its true beauty.

    Give Rooms a Warm Touch with Autumn Touches

    During the fall season look to ways to make your home feel cozy and welcoming to guest. Rustic and autumn colors of burgundy, brown, deep green, gold, and orange are popular during the fall season. Use throw pillows, consider changing window coverings to heavier fabrics, and bring fresh fall flowers to your home before showing.

    Make each room in your home warm and cozy. Add throws to armchairs, an area rug to the living room, and quilts to beds. You can also offer holiday treats and play soft music. These small extras will make a big difference to home buyers. They will spend more time in your home and admire its outstanding features.

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    Showcase your Fall Outdoor Living Spaces

    fall decor outdoor home
    Welcome fall buyers with a welcoming entry. Tab62 via Deposit Photos


    Highlight Rooms that are Forgotten During the Summer

    Most people start to stay indoors during the fall and upcoming winter because of the harsh outdoor weather. Get creative and show prospective buyers how they can enjoy their time indoors in winter. Create a playroom in the basement, add heating to your tool shed, and convert one room into an exercise room. Define the rooms by removing unrelated objects. These rooms can be a huge selling point for entertaining, crafts, and other activities.

    Showc...MOREase Outdoor Living Spaces

    Outdoor living spaces are loved by buyers. However, many homeowners have the misconception that these spaces should only be staged in the warmer months. Nothing could be further from the truth! If you have an outdoor fireplace or a furnished porch, highlight it. Light a fire in the fireplace, drape a few throws over the furniture, and turn on the lights. You will expand your living space and make your home look bigger.

    While you may think your fall home is less appealing because of the cooler weather there are potential homebuyers all year around. Look to these helpful fall tips to bring autumn into your home with colors, textures, and fall motifs. If you need help deciding on colors, visit your favorite home decor store or design blog and discover trending fall design styles this season.