How to Attract Love With Feng Shui

Feng shui tips for romantic love and self-love

two people in love
Pando Hall/Getty Images

Feng shui for love is a very popular topic. Not only because we are all looking for love (hopefully not in the wrong places!), but also because feng shui has a variety of powerful tips to actually help you attract the energy of love.

If you type the word "love" in any search engine, you will come up with love calculators, love tests, and, of course, love-related services at the top of the list. While not the most immediate or potent solution, feng shui brings help to your love search the easy way. Take some time to understand and apply feng shui love tips in your home, and especially in your bedroom.

The Importance of Self-Love

When you look for love, the first thing to focus on is your love relationship with yourself.

Feng shui-wise, the only lasting way to dramatically improve your love life is to allow yourself to experience more love towards yourself. Once you do that, you will attract a better quality of people because, in the world of energy, like attracts like. As you start feeling more love for yourself, more love energy will be drawn to you. You will also notice an improvement in all your relations - with your children, parents, friends, and co-workers.

In feng shui terms, the real test of love energy is to honestly evaluate the state of your bedroom, with the bathroom feng shui test second on the list.

Yes, of course, every part of your home speaks about you, but the bedroom - the most intimate space where "outsiders" are usually not allowed - truly speaks of your level of love towards yourself.

Are you ready for a genuine and deeply personal commitment to love, honor and accept yourself? If you are, then read on. If you are not ready, just meditate on the fact that all your painful relationships and Valentine's day dramas are reflecting your inability to love yourself.

If you cannot love yourself for who you are, how can you possibly really love another? And how can you really trust that someone else is loving you if you do not find yourself worthy of love?

Feng Shui Bedroom Checklist

Here is a feng shui bedroom checklist that will help clarify the current state of love energy in your home. Simple questions waiting for your honest answers:

  • Do you like all the decor items and colors that surround you in your bedroom?
  • When you wake up in the morning do you feel happy with what you see?
  • Before falling asleep, do you feel cocooned and nurtured by the energy in your bedroom (no matter with or without a partner)?

If you answered "No" to any of these questions, then you should set aside some time to create a feng shui plan on expressing self-love by creating a nurturing and sensual bedroom.

It is just a start, but it's a good and solid one.