How to Avoid Spam

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    Tame Your Inbox!

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    Everyone's email inbox is full enough these days with legitimate email, but when you add in the huge volume of spam most people typically receive, it can be overwhelming. When you work at home or are looking for a work-at-home jobs, email is a life line, and you can't afford for things to get lost in a cluttered email box.

    Use these tips for avoiding spam and keep your inbox organized.

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    Block spam before it starts.


    Obviously this is the ideal so make sure you have a good spam filter and use it. Many email programs and email clients have spam filters built in, or you can use a separate program. Either way though, they are not set-it-and-forget-it. For a spam filter to be the most effective, you have to mark spam as such so it can "learn," and you will need to check your spam filter to be sure nothing important slipped in there.

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    Be careful with your email address.

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    Do not post your email address on the web (or at least any email address you hope to keep spam-free) and be selective about whom you give it to. If you are posting comments on a blog you may want to disguise your email. Use a free email address for signups and other forms that require an email address and will likely send spam. And if you are using your real address, be sure to read carefully and uncheck boxes that allow them to send unwanted email.

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    Filter away spam.


    Use folders to sort offers, coupons, newsletters, etc., and other email that is mostly unwanted but you don't want to mark as spam. Put my time more into filtering away unwanted emails rather than hitting that unsubscribe link often found at the bottom of emails because. Although some more reputable companies will remove you, others won’t, and the amount of time you spend going through the unsubscribe process would be better spent fine tuning your email filters.

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    Know how to recognize spam.


    First and foremost, if the email is from someone you don't know, it is very likely spam. However, even if you do know the person, they could have been hacked by spammers. If a friend sends you a strange request to buy something or check out a website, it is likely spam. Also look in the subject line for misspellings of words that might allow it to pass through a spam filter. Look closely at the sender's email address, particularly at the part after the @ sign. Spammers will make a...MORE domain name similar to a real one in order to fool you. For instance instead of coming from it comes from