Monthly Home Organization Calendar and Checklist

What to Organize in Your Home Month-by-Month

This monthly home organization checklist will take you from January to December and provide a home organization project and resources and ideas of how you can get home home organized each month. By following this calendar, you can get your home organize dhte old fashioned way: working a little bit at a time, tackling big projects each month. If you need extra motivation to keep your house clutter free all year, you can combine this with the ​weekly organizing routine to keeop your home neat, tidy and clutter free. 

Bookmark this page and follow the month-by-month plan below to stay organized all year long. 

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    January: Clothes Closet(s)

    Home Organization Calendar and Checklist
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    Big Project: The Closet

    January means a fresh start, and I like to start with the biggest challenge in most homes: the closet. Whether you spend a few evenings a week or one entire Saturday on this task, you're going to feel like a new person when you're done.

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    February: Kitchen

    Organize Your Kitchen
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    The closet, which we tackled in January, may present the biggest challenge, but the kitchen tends to have the most clutter. Think about all of those appliances, pots, pans, cooking utensils and piles of paper clutter! Take a deep breath, and we'll work through the process again in your kitchen: clean, declutter, store and maintain your new organization.

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    March: Paper, Mail + Finances

    Manage Your Mail
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    Organizing paper, mail and finances in march will mean fewer headaches in April. Now that I had the right mail management system set up that I follow each week, I find paper management to be a very grounding process. 

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    April: Bathrooms

    Bathroom Organization
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    Nothing will get your day off to a better start than a clean, well-organized bathroom, and nothing will make hosting guests easier than a well organized linen closet. Start by decluttering these spaces by tossing old toiletries and medications, and then donating old linens to an animal shelter. If that old sheet set is too ratty for a guest to use, it's not good enough for you, either.

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    May: Shoes + Boots

    Get Your Shoes Organized
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    It's time to get back into the closet to store winter clothes, donate what you didn't wear this season, and re-arrange for spring and summer. It's also time to delve into shoe and boot organization and storage. Since you already organized your closet in January, you'll have a little extra time to work on your shoe collection

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    June: Garages

    Garage Organization
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    Garages, with their combination of tools, sporting equipment, appliances, beach gear, bikes and even sometimes, cars, are an easier job than you think. The trick is to think like a department store manager and organize your garage into zones, much like a department store is organized. This makes so much sense, I almost look forward to this yearly task. I've provided a How To and storage solutions that will work in any garage space.

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    July: Clothes

    Get your clothes sorted
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    Big Project: Organize Your Wardrobe

    We hit the clothes in January, now is a good time to go back in and organize your clothes. This means a lot of decluttering. Think about donating or consigning clothing, shoes and accessories that you no longer wear. it's also a good time to repair winter or fall clothing. 

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    August: Routines

    We've gone over paper clutter, mail management and personal finances earlier in the year. This month, let's go back through each of those systems. How are they working for you? Do you need to re-adjust?

    This month we'll add in daily routines. Do you follow the same routine each day? A routine can be a very powerful weapon in the fight for productivity, and they can be customized to your life.

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    September: Linen Closets

    Linen closet organization from Duo Ventures
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    Big Project: Linen Closet​​

    September is the month of prep work. You should begin organizing linens, linen closets, bathrooms and guest bedrooms without the threat of guests arriving at your door any minute. Take the time now to carefully declutter and clean these areas so they are working for you when holiday guests arrive. Think about donating old linens to a shelter, purging your guest bedroom of old clothing and donate it, and go through and toss old medications, toiletries and make up.

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    October: Pantries, Cabinets and Drawers

    Shoe organization ideas from Brittany Blum
    Shoe organization ideas from Brittany Blum. Photo / Brittany Blum

    Store the flip flops and begin shining your leather boots: Fall is here! Do a closet sweep for any summer clothing you did not wear and can therefore now donate (bonus: donating old clothes means you can fit new into your closet), store your summer clothing, and wash winter gear like mittens, scarves and hats.

    This is also the time to decide what you'll do with wet, dirty shoes and boots. I like to use a tray by the door to corral anything that has attracted winter sludge.

    This month's big project is going to take some decluttering but you'll be glad when it's done. it's time to get your pantry, cabinets and drawers organized and clutter free. 

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    November: Holidays + Kitchen Prep

    Kitchen organization from Our Fifth House
    Kitchen organization from Our Fifth House. Photo / Our Fifth House

    Big Project: Healthy Kitchen Tips

    The calm before the storm? We're heading back into the kitchen, and this time we'll work on pulling serving dishes, utensils, and china out of the cabinet for inspection. This is also the time to organize your food storage containers since you'll be handing out or receiving holiday leftovers and baked goods in the coming months.

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    December: Clutter & Donations

    Holiday organization
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    No heavy lifting in December, it's all about purging your home of clutter and then donating the useful, clean and well-made items to a worthy cause. I like the juxtaposition of clearing your home before you receive new items this time of year, and before you welcome in 2013. You need to clear out the old before you can receive the new. If you're one of those people who has a hard time letting go, fear not: I've got a ton of resources to help you with this process.