The 4 Skills You Need to Become a Professional Organizer

Skills Necessary To Become A Profesisonal Organizer

How to become a professional organizer is a question I am asked often and according to Lisa Zaslow the owner of Gotham Organizers, a professional organizing service located in New York City, there are five key skills necessary to launching a professional organizing business.

Lisa has nearly a decade of experience with a client list that includes everyone from business executives to families. Below, Lisa opines on the crucial skills all professional organizers must posses. (Aside from being...MORE natural born organizers, that is!)

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    Professional Organizers Are Born Marketers

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    One of the first things Lisa did when building her professional organizing business was to hire a marketing coach. She already had marketing experience culled form her time as an independent consultant, and by instinct knew the benefits of professional quality business cards, business website and crafting a 30 second "elevator pitch" for her business.

    Bottom Line: Professional organizers understand the value of presenting themselves and their business in the best possible light.

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    Professional Organizers Love to Network

    Lisa joined NAPO – The National Association of Professional Organizers, the industry’s professional association, a professional networking group, and created and hosted a series of workshops ("Less Mess=Less Stress") in order to build name recognition for her business. In addition, she sought out relationships with contractors, financial planners, decorators and accountants who she could recommend to her clients.

    Bottom Line: Professional organizers love to network and leverage their...MORE relationships to expand their client base and specialties.

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    Professional Organizers Have a Genuine Interest in People

    Lisa was an Human Resources Manager working for a large corporation and then moved into HR consulting before starting her professional organizing business. Her career revolved around helping people remain active and productive at work, and this dovetailed nicely into professional organizing.

    “One of the most fascinating aspects of my job is discovering how different clients think, remember and how they relate to space,” says Lisa.

    Bottom Line: Professional organizers are interested in what makes...MORE people tick.

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    Professional Organizers Have an Entrepreneurial Spirit

    Lisa had already made the move from the corporate world to becoming her own boss as an HR consultant when she decided to take her organizing business full time. “I was tired of working on projects that took years to come to fruition,” she says, “and watching projects I had worked on sit on a shelf in a binder.” She wanted to take action and build her own business.

    Bottom Line: Professional Organizers are not afraid to strike out on their own and build a business. They thrive being their own...MORE bosses.