How to Easily Remove Furniture Dents From Your Rug

furniture may produce a dent in the carpet

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You’re bound to discover something unexpected when you move a piece of furniture—random change, that lost earring you mourned for months, or unsightly dents where furniture legs once rested. These dents, which are caused by constant heavy pressure, may seem tragically irreversible. Not the case, friends! By following the simple method outlined in the video below, you can get your rug looking like new again in no time.


Watch Now: The Trick to Removing Carpet Dents

Here's How to Do It

  1. Cover the Dent With an Ice Cube

    The goal is to cover the entire surface area of the dent, so use as many ice cubes as needed. (There may be a formula for dent-to-ice-cube ratio, but none of us here are scientists or mathematicians, so we’ll trust you to eyeball it!)

    placing an ice cube on the rug dent
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  2. Wait

    Depending on the size of your dent and the thickness of your rug, you may wait anywhere from one to several hours.

    waiting for the ice cubes to melt
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  3. Remove Excess Moisture

    When the ice has melted, dab your rug with a towel to eliminate excess moisture. (This will be especially necessary for thicker rugs or carpets.)

    ice almost completely melted
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  4. Fluff Up the Fibers in the Rug

    Use your fingers or a fork to fluff up the compressed fibers in the rug. Vacuuming over the spot is a great way to make sure that all the moisture is out of the rug and that the fibers are standing up nice and tall, as they should.

    using a fork to fluff up the rug fibers
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Why the Ice Trick Works

The fibers in your rug absorb moisture from the melting ice cube. When those compressed fibers absorb the moisture, they inflate back to their original shape. They may not stand up all the way on their own, but with the help of a kitchen utensil or your fingers you can get those fibers back to their original glory.


If you have a big carpet dent that requires many ice cubes, we recommend placing a towel down under your rug before you start to absorb any potential mess.

Other Ways to Remove Dents Out of Your Rug

If you don't have any ice cubes handy, no worries—there are other ways you can get those pesky dents out of your rug. Grab your trusty iron and steam out the dent, or try a spray bottle and blow dryer to fluff up those fibers. Here's how each method works:

Use an Iron

Applying iron steam to your furniture dent can also be effective. Fill your iron up with water and turn it on to the highest setting. Hold your iron four to six inches above the dent, so that you’re applying a consistent amount of steam to the dent without scorching or saturating it. (To be clear, you are not ironing your rug—just making steam). Once the carpet feels fairly hot and has absorbed enough moisture, you can fluff up the fibers and vacuum to finish.

Use a Spray Bottle and Blow Dryer

A spray bottle and blow dryer work together to apply equal parts warmth and moisture to a carpet dent to make the fibers stand back up. First, spray the dent just enough to moisten the spot, then turn your blow dryer on its highest setting and point it directly toward the dent (about four to six inches away) until the carpet is hot. Follow the same steps as the iron and ice cube trick by fluffing up those fibers and vacuuming. 

While it may seem that you're stuck with these furniture dents for life (and thus never able to rearrange your furniture again in fear of creating more dents), an ice cube could be all you need to get the job done. Your rug or carpet will look practically new in no time.