How to Choose the Right Size Wreath for Your Door

Front door with Christmas wreath with red holly berries on old stone faced house

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A wreath is the perfect welcoming touch to your home over the festive season. And these door decorations aren't just for the holidays—they can provide year-round curb appeal and add a stamp of personality.

Their rise in popularity means there are lots of wreaths to choose from depending on the color scheme, shape, and style — all important factors to consider for getting the right wreath for your door size.

Too big and it can look crowded or get caught every time you open the door; too small and it won't make much of an impact or accent the space well. Learn how to choose the right size wreath for your door to make your entryway enticing.

Best Wreath Size for a Standard Door

White door and entry way with a white floral wreath

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Is going big or going home the best approach when selecting the wreath size for your front door? The unwritten rule is that a wreath covering around two-thirds of your door's width is optimal. The standard wreath size is 24 to 26 inches wide, and this offers a good balance on a typical 36-inch wide door. Are you looking to create a real wow factor from across the street? Opt for a 30-inch wreath.

If you want a low-key look, you can go with a 20-inch wreath, but it might not have the visual impact of the bigger designs.


If you're making your own wreath and ordering a wire wreath frame, remember to factor in any additional width you might add if you're going for a chunky floral or bauble design.

Best Wreath Size for a Large Door or to Make a Statement

Bigger is better when it comes to a wreath on an oversized door. Selecting a 36-inch diameter will have a really dramatic impact.

Just make sure you can still open the door without the wreath catching on the door frame⁠. If you've spent hours making a beautiful floral wreath or blown your budget on an elaborate faux piece, it will be pretty frustrating if it gets damaged because it's too large.

For French doors, adding two standard-sized wreaths on either door can bring a harmonious balance.


If you have an extra tall door, going for a long oval shape or a tapered swag wreath rather than a standard circle can make a bigger impression.

Best Wreath Size for Smaller Doors

Blue door with a small foliage wreath on it

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Don't let your wreath overwhelm a thinner 30-inch door. Selecting a 20 to 22-inch diameter means the wreath won't get caught on the frame or drown your door. It's the perfect size for adding a tasteful but eye-catching touch.

Go Thin For Wreaths Behind Storm Doors

You can still hang a wreath if you have a storm door in front of the main entryway. Just look for a minimal style that is only a couple of inches thick, so it doesn't get crushed or make it difficult to shut the door. You don't have to have a rotund wreath for it to be a knockout.

How to Measure Your Front Door For a Wreath

Want to go with the classic look for your front door wreath? Follow the formula below so you know the size to order or make.

Measure the door width (just the door itself, not the frame too) and then knock 12 inches off your measurement.

Example: 36-inch wide door minus 12 inches = 24-inch wreath.

Where to Hang Your Wreath on Your Door

White front door with a festive foliage wreath and garland

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Have you heard of the 57-inch rule for hanging art? You can apply the same principles when you're positioning your wreath. Hanging your wreath at eye level, so around 57 inches from the base of the door, means your arriving visitors and passersby can admire it without straining their necks. This height also ensures it won't get in the way of the door handle.

This isn't an exact rule, though. Front doors are typically 80 inches tall. You should be good if you don't hang your wreath any higher than 14 inches from the top of the door.

If you opt for a mini accent wreath, this will fit well on a door knob.