How to Choose Neutral Window Treatments Buyers Will Love

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    Look to a Variety of Window Blinds for your Staged Home

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    Window blinds are versatile and neutral. Getty Images

    Unattractive window treatments do little to build a positive impression of your home when buyers arrive. It may do more harm than good when your house is on the market. Believe us or not, these little things can easily steer potential buyers away from feeling comfortable in your home. So, if your window coverings are out-dated, perhaps it’s time to invest in new ones. In fact, as most home sellers leave window treatments with the house for the next owner consider it as an upgrade that will not only increase the value of your home but also the likely hood that it will sell faster. Here are some tips to choose the right ones.  

    Choose Versatile Window Blinds for Home Staging

    There are several different styles of window blinds available these days. With so many choices out there it can be difficult to determine what’s best for your home especially when it’s on the market. We recommend Venetian blinds for areas where you want to obscure an ugly view or simply need privacy. Whereas, roll-up window blinds look best in a casual, contemporary space such as a patio or a family room. When staging, make sure to avoid blinds with overwhelming volumes of billowing or pleated fabrics like Austrian or balloon shades that tend to swallow up space and make a room look smaller

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    Use Neutral Colored Window Treatments to Enlarge your Room

    Neutral window treatments
    Neutral window treatments help to open up smaller rooms. Getty Images

    Choose Versatile Window Blinds for Home Staging

    A window covering that does not interrupt the movement of the eye around the room helps to create an illusion of a bigger, seamless space. For rooms like a living room opt for curtains and drapes that are color neutral such as creamy white or a shade similar to the wall color. This will help to read a room big while making it more warm and comfortable. For the fabric, you can coordinate or select from the one already in the room like throw pillows, sofa, or an upholstered chair.

    Avoid Heavy Window Coverings and Let in Light

    We cannot stress enough that when selling your house, natural light is very important. It makes the room appear bigger, brighter and brings in positive energy. For this reason, avoid heavy window coverings such as swags and cathedral curtains. Not only will it give your home a closed in feeling and a dated look, but it will also distract potential buyers. When home staging, your goal is to make buyers fall in love and appreciate the beautiful features of your home. But this is not going to happen if they can’t take their eyes off the bold colors and the dated window decor.

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    Blackout Window Treatments Can Be Beneficial in Kids' Nurseries

    Kids room natural light
    Let natural light into kids' rooms when possible. Getty Images

    Use Neutral Colors in a Nursery

    Creating a peaceful bedroom for children can help to attract buyers with kids. You cannot go wrong with blackout roller blinds or blackout treatments especially when the edges are softened with some coordinating curtains. Again stick with neutral colors and avoid falling into the blue and pink stereotype. The idea is to keep the room gender neutral. Trust us; it is a stylish alternative to traditional voiles and curtains that will not only appeal to buyers but will make a lovely addition to your home while you are still there.

    Overall, when choosing window treatments keep in mind the purpose of each room and then figure out what type of covering will best suit that space. Make sure they complement the style and color scheme of each room. Many times, you might already have the right treatments, or maybe they just need a cleanup or some updating. Whatever you choose, carefully dealing with treatments can go a long way in changing how your home feels, which can help potential buyers feel more at home and may help them picture themselves calling your home, their home!