How to Cover Unsightly Room Flaws

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    Clean Each Room of Your Home Thoroughly

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    Very few people have picture-perfect homes. Most have homes with their fair share of flaws, and this is normal. The good news is that you can hide your home’s imperfections with home staging. You can emphasize your home's best features and downplay the not-so-good ones. Today’s real estate market is highly competitive, and if you want to make your home stand out, you must do much more than other sellers. Use these home staging tricks to cover up your home’s defects:

    Clean Each Room Thoroughly

    A clean home not only looks amazing, it feels wonderful. Cleaning is one of the most vital parts of home staging. Clean the floors, walls, doors, windows, and fixtures. Replace worn-out shower curtains, steam the carpet, and dust floorboards. You can also hire professional cleaners to do the work. If your home looks spotless, buyers will be proud of the property they are inheriting. Cleanliness also goes a long way in the potential buyers trusting your home has been well kept over the years.

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    Create a Welcoming Home With Inviting Lighting Fixtures

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    Replace Dark or Broken Lighting Fixtures

    Dark rooms are a turnoff for buyers. If your rooms have poor lighting, consider new fixtures or replacing bulbs with higher wattage illumination ones. However, don’t just buy fixtures for their function, buy them for the beauty they provide. Powerful lights can brighten up rooms with limited natural lighting. If you have dark rooms, install different light sources in each one as well as mirrors. The mirrors will add space visually and liven up the room. When positioning mirrors, make sure they reflect lovely features.

    Make Your Interiors Smell Fresh & Clean

    Pleasant aromas are linked to our feelings. They make us remember wonderful things or memories. That’s why children’s stores smell of candy. If buyers are greeted by unpleasant smells as soon as they walk into your home, they will run for the hills. In fact, the first thing buyers notice when they walk into a home is the way it smells. Take your trash can outdoors and examine your home thoroughly to see if something could be emitting a bad smell.

    Beautify Walls with Paint and Color

    Painting with inviting colors is one of the best home staging tricks. No wall is flawless. Some have popping nails while others have drywall seams which bulge out. Fortunately, you can cover wall defects with paint. Choose paint with a low sheen as it is great for hiding wall imperfections. Matte paint finish or flat paint is recommended. Its only downsides are that it attracts grease and dirt and is not easy to clean. Avoid high-gloss finishes which attract light and make wall flaws more visible.

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    Camouflage Unsightly Windows, Ceiling and Flooring

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    Hide Unattractive Windows With Window Treatments

    Oddly-shaped windows can be an eyesore. If you live in a house with plain windows, very high windows, or very low ones, cover them with gorgeous window treatments. You can cover very high windows with drapes that go all the way to the floor. Leave the drapes closed, and prospective buyers will never know there are unattractive windows behind them. You can also install drapery panels above small windows to make them look larger.

    Camouflage Very High ceilings

    High ceilings can make a home feel like a cathedral and can make it feel impersonal. Paint the ceiling the same color as the walls to make it less noticeable. To bring the ceiling down in scale try a darker color than the walls. This will help make the room feel like a human scale and more inviting.

    Cover Worn-out Carpeting With Rugs

    If you don't have the money to fully replace the worn-out carpet, it may help to cover it with rugs. Choose a plain rug for a patterned carpet and a decorated one for a solid-colored carpet. Replacing a carpet is expensive, and there’s no need to do so if your carpeting has minor imperfections. To draw attention away from the floor, create a high focal point like a striking arrangement on the mantel.

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