Cloffice Is the Work-From-Home Trend We All Need to Know About

Find out how to make your own

Suzana Natola's cloffice before (left) and after with wallpaper, shelving, decor items, plants, and a cozy chair with pillow

Suzana Natola

With so many working from home now and for the foreseeable future, people have been getting creative with their work spaces. Couches, kitchen tables and even closets became pseudo offices. And so did cloffices.

If you’ve been looking for ways to add an office to your home but are low on space, here are tips and ideas for you to create your own cloffice.

What Is a Cloffice?

A cloffice is an office space created from a closet. (Clever, huh?) And there are lots of benefits to having one in your home.

“It's quiet—perfect for Zoom calls. And, it's separated from the main areas, where we know it can get loud sometimes,” said Suzana Natola, a digital creator who’s passionate about interior design and decor. “It’s also great for kids to use as a homework station.”

Natola created her own dedicated cloffice space in a guest bedroom closet in her home.

“With a little bit of creativity and the right tools and materials, we completely transformed the space,” she said.

Suzana Natola's cloffice before (left) and after with wallpaper, shelving, decor items, plants, and a cozy chair with pillow

Suzana Natola

How to Turn a Closet Into an Office

A cloffice can be as unique as you are. These tips will help you draw out your unique expressions for your cloffice while maintaining maximum functionality.

1. Decide How You’ll Use Your Cloffice

When it comes to creating a cloffice space, start with deciding what you’ll use the space for. That will help you determine what exactly you need to put in it, said Andrea Vowels, a kindergarten teacher and home decor enthusiast with a large Instagram following. 

Last year, she had to work from home for about five months. She and her partner didn’t have an extra room in their three-bedroom house, so they decided to turn the guest room closet into a cloffice. 

The cloffice of Andrea Vowels, with before on the left and after on the right.

Andrea Vowels

2. Measure Your Closet

After Vowels determined what was needed in the space, she got to work measuring for the perfect fit. “Measuring is key to being able to close the space when it’s not in use,” Vowels said. 

Measuring your closet also helps you find the right sized furniture for your space. “I did not have to make changes to the closet and we got a desk that fit in the space perfectly,” she said.

3. Add Your Personality to Your Cloffice

Natola started her cloffice by adding an accent wall. “I wanted something fun yet calming that could translate a little bit of my personality,” she said. 

Since you’d be spending hours in this area, it’s important to have the right vibe as well as the right furniture for your cloffice. 

What to Put in Your Cloffice to Be Productive

When Vowels was planning her cloffice makeover she knew she needed a few work essentials for her space, including a desk, lamp and storage bins where she could store paper and school supplies for her teaching job. 

Natola built a floating desk and shelves in her space. “I chose a pink office chair to go with the "cloffice" theme,” she said. 

These things gave them optimal productivity while working from home. But what about you? Think back to when you were deciding how you’d use your space and list what you need to make it the most productive. Here are some ideas on what to put in your cloffice.


Take inventory of what you’ve got around the house and any storage areas. You may be surprised by what you find. If you’ve got everything you need to make a cloffice, start with that instead of buying first. 

Desk: Your work surface can make or break your productivity. Choose what works for you, whether it’s a traditional desk or even a standing desk.

Ergonomic Chair: While a desk can break your productivity, the wrong chair could cause a lot of back pain—and we doubt you’d be getting much work done after that. Choose a chair that cushions your buns, while giving you the most lumbar and back support.

Lighting: Most closets don’t have the right kind of built-in lighting or windows, but you don’t have to work in the dark. The appropriate lamp or pendant light can help you focus on (and see) the task at hand. 

Computer and Electronics: The right computer accessories can take your productivity to the next level. Keyboards, mouses or noise cancelling headphones can help you cultivate a more ergonomic and focused workspace. And don’t forget about printers or scanners. You may consider adding those, too.

Storage Solutions: You don’t have to stick with the standard, stuffy file cabinet for storage. Get creative with cubby storage or floating shelves. It’ll make a big difference in your productivity to have items within reach.

Plugs and Outlets: If your closet doesn’t have plugs or outlets in it, figure out how you’ll power your electronics. You may need to run an extension cord from the closest outlet available to your cloffice. You can also hide unsightly cords with cable concealers.

The cloffice trend isn’t going anywhere, and you can add one to your home using these simple tips. It doesn’t have to cost a lot or take a long time, either. Pick out some furniture, choose a weekend and have some fun making your own cloffice space.