How to Create a Cozy Closet Nursery Space

Find room for a growing family in a tiny space

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    Tiny Nursery, Big Style

    Closet nursery with curtain and wallpaper accent wall
    Photo from Apartment Therapy

    When you only have a few hundred square feet to call home, you have to get a little creative. Transforming a closet space into a cozy closet nursery is a great way to make room for a baby or two. See how 10 space-savvy mamas made a small space work for their growing families with this inspiring round-up of teeny, tiny nursery rooms. 

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    Black, White, and Bold

    Modern black and white closet nursery with bold red accents
    Photo from Apartment Therapy

    White walls can make a small room feel much larger, especially when paired with dark accents. This cheery little closet nursery is a perfect example of white done right. Clean, white walls melt into a white ceiling, creating a sense of spaciousness. The warm, wood floor and stylish, black and grey, animal-print rug add definition and contrast, increasing the effect. Finally, a splash of bold color punctuates the space, making this neutral palette pop.

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    Just Dotty!

    A sweet polka-dot closet nursery
    Photo from Sabbe Spot

    Do you have your heart set on a colorful nursery, but don’t want to overwhelm your space? Skip the floor-to-ceiling paint job, and go for light and breezy polka dots.

    When set against a neutral wall, this classic nursery pattern can make a room look larger. To make this optical illusion work, choose small dots in cool colors. Large dots and warm tones have the opposite effect. You should also be sure to leave plenty of neutral space between dots. As the colored dots pop off the wall, the neutral area behind them recedes, making the room seem bigger.

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    Un Suite Petite

    Pink and white closet nursery
    Photo from Our Urban Playground

    This sweet little closet space makes use of yet another space-enhancing design trick. Instead of taking her pretty, pink nursery paint all the way to the ceiling, San Francisco actress and mother Jennifer Latch opted to paint the top-third of the wall and the ceiling in a complementary neutral. By “dropping” the ceiling, Latch creates the illusion of a dome, which makes the ceiling seem higher and the room more spacious. An attractive picture rail makes for a flawless transition.

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    Glass Doors

    Closet nursery with glass doors
    Photo by Domino from A List Baby

    Since most closets lack windows, they can feel a little claustrophobic. Glass doors not only let in the light but also give the appearance of a window, which makes space feel more like a bedroom. You can even frame the inside of the door with drapes that complement your design. When it’s time for your little dreamer to drift off, pull the drapes to keep the light out.

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    Mood Lighting

    Tiny, coral closet nursery
    Photo via Project Nursery.

    Closets don’t come with good lighting, and if you’re going to get through all those late-night diaper changes, you’re going to need more than just a light bulb on a string.

    This palatial little closet comes complete with its own ​chandelier, creating a soft and dreamy glow. The attractive table lamp on the dresser provides additional task lighting as needed. Christmas lights can also make a dreary closet seem much cozier.


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    Bold Accent Wall

    Green and yellow closet nursery space with bold accent wall
    Photo from A Cup of Jo

    It may be small, but this toddler’s territory is well marked with a bold, animal-print accent wall and a bright and sunny mobile. There are many options for animal-themed rugs, wallpapers, prints, mobiles, and even lamps to theme your baby's space.

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    Curtained Nursery Nook

    Closet nursery with curtain and wallpaper accent wall
    Photo via Apartment Therapy.

    If you're working with a particularly small closet consider popping off the doors. By removing the doors, you’ll gain a few more precious inches of space and a lot more room to breath.

    This curtained nursery nook uses a cute set of ceiling-mounted drapes to close off baby’s quarters during naps. A clever little storage space, built into the end of the closet, stays hidden behind the partially pulled curtain by day.  

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    Room for Two

    Closet nursery bunk bed with room for two kids
    Photo from Oh Happy Day

    Vertical living is key in small spaces, a fact that this San Francisco family took to heart when designing a two-tier nursery for their little brood.

    There are many other ways to make use of vertical space. If you don't need an extra bed, consider replacing the lower bunk with a changing table and additional storage. Want your little one to remain firmly on the ground? Try installing cabinets in the space above your crib. 


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    Cozy Cubby

    Neutral closet nursery with round crib
    Photo via .

    Urban mama Kate cleverly converted this closet in her small Boston apartment for her son, Colin. Her strategy: keep it simple. With its fresh, neutral palette and modest accessories, this cozy cubby comes across and bright and open. Taking the minimalist approach also makes it easy to transform your closet back into much-needed storage space once your little one outgrows their tiny nursery quarters.