How to Cut Bathroom Clutter

Quick Ways to Effectively Cut Bathroom Clutter

Bathroom clutter happens when:

  • You don't have the right storage solutions in place; and/or,
  • You need to sort and organize the items in your bathroom.

Below is a collection of tips to curb the clutter in your bathroom through decluterring, organizing and properly store your items. 

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    This can be done fairly quickly (less than 30 minutes) if you do this every single week. The trick is to clear the counter tops and tackle the drawers and under the sink so you can quickly retrieve the items you need in the morning or when you're exhausted and need to quickly brunch your teeth, wash your face, and smear on your moisturizer at night.
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    Utilize Bathroom Storage Ideas

    Bathroom Storage - Ball Jars. Photo /
    If you repeatedly can't find something or you don't have space to store it, consider changing up your bathroom storage solutions. I like to use jars for make up brushes, tooth brushes and toothpaste and I store everything else in small bins under the sink. Peruse the guide to storage and mix and match what works in your bathroom.
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    Cut Bathroom Clutter with an Organized Linen Closet

    Linen closets can become very unruly. Stacks of bulky towels, comforters, sheets, pillows and table cloths can become messy. A linen closet can also become a place for I-Don't-Need-This-Now-But-I-May-Some-Day items like extra sheets and towels you no longer use. Tackle these now with the following resources.

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    Organize the Bathroom Vanity & Medicine Cabinet

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    Before you begin organizing the medicine cabinet and/or vanity, make sure you read the guide to How Long to Keep for instructions on what and when you should throw something out. Organizing this space is all about decluttering. The medicine cabinet is such a tiny area you really cannot afford to keep anything in there you're not using on a daily, weekly or at least monthly basis.

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    Accessory Box - Plastic Storage Container
    Accessory Box - Plastic Storage Container. Photo / The Container Store

    Using small bins (consider shoe storage bins) to corral items like:

    • Q-Tips
    • Hair gel, mouse and spray
    • Moisturizers
    • Hand and face towels
    • Extra tubes of toothpaste, shaving cream
    • Boxes of tissues

    Think of anything that doesn't stack well together (example: toothpaste and facial moisturizer) and corral them into a clear, plastic bin.