How to Decorate a Basketball-Themed Bedroom

If you’ve got a basketball fan or a player in your family, score big with your child by creating a basketball bedroom. And we can help you do so without breaking the bank.

Old Lockers & Locker Baskets

Look for these at flea markets, or call schools in your area and see if they have a stash hidden in a locker room closet. Spray paint in the desired color or leave natural for an old-school feel. Reproductions are also readily available.

Hoops & More Hoops

No basketball-themed room is complete without a mini indoor basketball hoop. Hang over the doorway or use free standing. Basketball hampers are a fun way to encourage a child to keep their room clean and are inexpensive to purchase or make.

Basketball Bedding

Basketball-themed bedding is an easy way to update a child’s room, and it’s easy to replace if their interests should change as they grow.

Basketball Throw Pillows or Bean Bag Chairs

Create your own pattern, use an existing orange beanbag and add lines, or use our free pattern to create a basketball pillow. Basketball bean bag chairs are also available in team colors.

Basketball Wall Art

Make a silhouette of a basketball, hoop or basketball player out of chipboard and paint, or use a projector and sketch a silhouette on a wall. Fill in with black or dark gray paint. If you are not the DIY type, inexpensive basketball themed wall decals are easy to find and install.

Basketball Colors

Look for paints, accessories, and furnishings in orange and black. Incorporate brown leathers, a favorite team's colors and maple-colored woods to give your child’s room an arena atmosphere.

Personalized Accessories

Make your child’s room unique with personalized basketball accessories such as a photo basketball, a basketball piggy bank or a basketball throw personalized with your child’s name or photo.

Many other budget-friendly personalized basketball accessories abound.

DIY Basketball Projects

With a bit of creativity, this is an easy theme to accomplish on a budget.

  • Maple-look laminate floors (or even linoleum) with black electrical tape borders and lines makes a cool "court."
  • Black or dark gray ceilings with track lighting add an indoor arena look.
  • Using chalkboard paint, paint a playboard on the wall and finish the edges with inexpensive molding.
  • To make an accent wall, use white nylon rope and attach to the wall with hot glue or a staple gun in a diamond pattern.
  • For a cool headboard, cut plywood into a half-circle the width of your child's bed. Paint like a basketball.
  • Build a players' bench for pennies with a board, galvanized pipe and stain.