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How to Decorate a Foyer

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Whether you've got a giant entryway with plenty of room to spare, or a door that leads directly into a tiny studio apartment there are a few things your front entryway should have. When decorating a foyer remember to include these essential items.

Table or Shelf

Every foyer should have some sort of surface where you can toss your keys, the mail, loose change or whatever else you pick up or drop off as you enter and exit your home. A table or chest with storage is always a great idea if you have space but if you don't, try installing a shelf or wall bracket. You'll still get a surface area without sacrificing space.


Most of us like to take one last look at ourselves before leaving the house so it's always a good idea to include a mirror when decorating a foyer. A full-length mirror is great if it makes sense in your space, but otherwise hanging one over your table or shelf is perfect.

Mirrors are also great because they open up space and reflect light. In a small entryway, a mirror can make a world of difference.


Many foyers will have a chandelier or overhead fixture, which is great, but it's always nice to also have another light source such as sconces or a table lamp. If you come in when it's dark it's nice to be able to turn a soft light on right away without having to overwhelm your eyes with too much light. They can also create a soft and welcoming atmosphere that's really lovely when guests come over.

Carpet Runner or Large Door Mat

A runner or mat of some sort is welcoming thanks to its softness (and color if you choose) and helps define the space. Remember not to get something so thick the door can't open and close over it. Choose something that can handle a lot of wear and tear and is good for high traffic areas.

Shoe Rack or Mat

It's nice to have a designated spot for people to put their shoes as soon as they remove them. If you can find a nice rack, great. If not, include a mat that will define the space where shoes should go. Otherwise, they tend to get knocked around and end up all over the floor.

More Tips for Decorating a Foyer

  • If there's no closet be sure to add a coat rack or some wall hooks for hanging coats and bags. You'll also want to have some sort of storage for hats, scarves, and other accessories. A chest of drawers, a bench with storage inside, or even a series of baskets will do the trick.
  • An umbrella stand is a great idea if you've got the space. There are a lot of really nice ones available on the market and they can add a nice decorative element. It'll also help make sure you never lose your umbrella.
  • A specific place to put keys is a must. Whether it's a hook on the wall or a dish sitting on a table, a designated spot for keys will keep you from losing or misplacing them.
  • A bench, stool or chair is great for sitting down and putting on shoes. Even if you don't use it, it's a nice thing to have if elderly people come to visit.
  • A vase of flowers is a wonderful touch. It's a lovely thing for you to see as soon as you walk in the door.

Remember that the entryway sets the scene for your home, so when decorating a foyer put as much thought into it as you would any other room in the house. Think about style, color and what kind of mood you want to create.