Tips for Decorating a White Kitchen With Top Designer Vanessa Deleon

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    What We Love About White Kitchens

    Ideas for White Kitchens | Vanessa Deleon
    Ideas for White Kitchens | Vanessa Deleon. ©Vanessa Deleon

    Vanessa Deleon Shares Beautiful Options for Decorating a White Kitchen

    Vanessa Deleon wants to urge people not to shy away from white. Vanessa points to Sherwin Williams’s selection of Alabaster as the color of the year for 2016 as further evidence that white can be powerful all on its own.  

    You may recognize award-winning interior designer Vanessa Deleon from Restaurant Impossible or HGTV Design Star. In this gorgeous slideshow, Vanessa shares her go-to tips for using color in your white or neutral kitchen. Sometimes all it takes is a pop of color or metal to pull everything together.

    Vanessa: “Alabaster is sophisticated, clean, delicate, soothing like a sea breeze and just simply beautiful."

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    Sherwin-Williams Alabaster is Perfect for the Kitchen

    Alabaster | Ideas for White Kitchens
    Alabaster | Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year. ©Sherwin-Williams

    Why Sherwin-Williams Alabaster Color of the Year Works

    Vanessa Deleon: "Alabaster represents that soothing vibe on any wall with a hint of softness and captivating hue of white. Keep in mind that lighter colors expand and brighten your living space."

    Alabaster, Sherwin-Williams 2016 Color of the Year 

    "When mixed in with wood accents, brick, agates and ceramics they make a great contrast creating an exhilarating, and harmonious tone.Alabaster can stand-alone or complement multiple design styles, including contemporary, transitional, eclectic, and classic and Glamilistic.”

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    Think of Your Kitchen as an Open Canvas

    Ideas for White Kitchens | Vanessa Deleon
    Decora White Kitchen Cabinets. ©Decora - MasterBrand Cabinets

    How to Create the Right Feeling in Your Kitchen

    Vanessa Deleon: "Selecting paint colors that reflect a vibrant or modern appeal to a relaxed and soothing atmosphere should be as important as the furniture that you sit on. Just think of the walls as an instant canvas where anyone can imagine and create how you want a room to feel."

    Decora Cabinets

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    Neutral Colors Make a Great Backdrop

    Ideas for White Kitchens | Vanessa Deleon
    Modern Bar Cart | White Kitchen Ideas. ©Crate & Barrel

    How to Add Neutral Color Accents to Your Kitchen Color Palette

    A hip bar cart in brushed gold metal is ideal for a white or neutral kitchen. Your bar cart or other accessories for entertaining, can make your parties more glamorous, and serve as stylish storage every day. 

    Vanessa Deleon: "Neutral colors that make a great backdrop for injecting pop-up colors. Some colors that work best within white and gray-hued spaces are:"

    • Silver 
    • Gold 
    • Black 
    • Blue

    Crate & Barrel: Libations Bar Cart in Gold

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    Vanessa Deleon: Go With Colorful Upholstery on Chairs or Barstools

    Ideas for White Kitchens | Vanessa Deleon
    Parsons Dining Chair | White Kitchen Ideas. ©Wayfair

    Upholstery and Linens Add Just the Right Color to a White Kitchen

    A white kitchen with an adjacent dining room is the perfect spot for colorful upholstered chairs and barstools. Choosing an upholstered fabric with a simple graphic pattern gives you the pop of color you need, without being too busy. Carry that upholstery color to bar stools if your kitchen has a counter separating the dining space. HomePop Upholstered GeoBrights Parsons Chair

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    Pendant Lights Add a Pop of Color

    Ideas for White Kitchens | Vanessa Deleon
    Brass Kitchen Pendant Light | White Kitchen Ideas. ©Lamps Plus

    How to Choose the Right Lighting for a White Kitchen

    Color or metallic, pendant lights are like jewlelry for your white kitchen. Vanessa Deleon suggests using pendant lights for a pop of color. If you'd like to keep your white kitchen neutral, explore metal finishes like dyed brass or copper. Warm metal pendants can warm up a white kitchen color palette.

    Lamps Plus: Essex 18" Dyed Brass Metal Pendant 

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    Try an Accent Wall

    Ideas for White Kitchens | Vanessa Deleon
    Kitchen Accent Wall. ©Behr

    Here's the Secret to Adding Color to a White Kitchen With an Accent Wall

    If you love the look of a white kitchen but still crave a bit of color, consider an accent wall. Vanessa Deleon's tip of trying a painted accent wall can help you pull together other colors in the kitchen or adjacent rooms. 

    Behr: Spring Sprig BIC-25 

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    Add a Tile Backsplash

    Ideas for White Kitchens | Vanessa Deleon
    White Kitchen Ideas | Backsplash. ©Hero Images/Getty

    A Tile Backsplash is a Fresh Kitchen Color Design Detail

    A tile backspace is also a stylish way to add a splash of color to your white kitchen, according to Vanessa Deleon. White or gray subway tile is a hot look in kitchen design right now. A white tile backsplash has a fresh and clean appeal. A neutral tile backsplash can add color without changing the nature of a white kitchen. Pale colored subway tile in blue or mint green can give just enough color to a white kitchen while keeping that light and bright vibe.