Color Copycat: How to Create This Mid-Century Modern Room

Behr Bitter Lemon | Color of the Month
Behr Bitter Lemon Shines in Mid-Century Style


You can easily find inspiration for decorating a Mid-Century Modern room online and in magazines. The secret of turning that inspiration into a finished room is knowing the basic elements of the style of that space. Knowing what colors and objects go into your favorite rooms helps you pick out the important details that will make a space your own. This Color Copycat feature shares inspiring rooms with tips on how to get awesome style in your own home. 

Start With Color: Behr Bitter Lemon

Decorating in the Mid-Century Modern style doesn't mean that you have to stick to authentic Mid-Century colors. Once you know the color vibe of that time, you can choose paint and decor colors that suit your own style and home. 

Mid-Century Modern colors are often warm and natural. Behr's Bitter Lemon is a muted green color with a hint of gold. Look for colors like avocado, wheat, gold, and warm red, for a comfortable color palette. Don't be confused by the Atomic Age colors of that era, with the pink, turquoise, and bright red, furniture and appliances. The colors of the Mid-Century Modern movement are understated and soothing.

Behr Bitter Lemon M301-6

A Gorgeous Modern Chandelier Should Be Your Focal Point

The right lighting is a decorating essential for Mid-Century Modern. The focal point of your dining space will almost always be a light fixture, so make sure it's fabulous. For a Mid-Century Modern dining room, you'll have hundreds of options for suitable light fixtures. This Foucault's Orb Chrome Chandelier has the organic globe shape that works perfectly with this style, and it has a whimsical look that keeps the space feeling fresh and modern. Gallery T40-585 Foucault's Orb Chrome 6 Light Chandelier

Mid-Century Modern Lighting
Lighting Universe

Choose a Mid-Century Modern Accent Color: Behr Garbanzo Paste

Homes built in the Mid-Century Modern style usually have boxy rooms with bold, yet simple, architectural features. This unique architecture is perfect for using two colors prominently, either in the same room or in adjoing rooms that flow together. Your paint color choice for adjoining rooms or accent walls should be harmonious with your main color. The standard advice for accent colors is to choose them to stand out. For a Mid-Century Modern home, the colors should be warm and organic, and flow from room to room.

Behr's Garbanzo Paste is a rich and warm gold paint color that supports Behr's Bitter Lemon, but still gives a burst of color to the adjacent room. 

Behr Garbanzo Paste

Colors for a Mid-Century Modern Room

How to Choose Mid-Century Modern Inspired Furniture

With all of the modern and Scandinavian-style furnishings available right now, you won't have to search for a vintage dining room set, (unless you really want to.) Look for a dining table with simple lines in mid or dark wood tones, like the Wildon Home table. Mid-Century style features slender table legs without details. Your dining chairs should be simple, too. Chairs upholstered in neutral textured fabrics work best for this style. Though all-wood chairs are popular for Mid-Century furniture, go for comfort first. Like the Cela Armchair you can get that extensive wood look without sacficing upholstered comfort. Dining Table by Wildon Home & Cela Armchair by Corrigan Studio

How to Decorate a Mid-Century Modern Room

You'll Need Whimsical and Bold Artwork for Your Modern Room

You'll definitely need bold and graphic art for your Mid-Century Modern dining room. Choose art with a single subject that is represented in a bold or whimsical way. 

Society6: Zest Canvas Print by Speakerine / Florent Bodart

Decorating a Mid-Century Dining Room
Speakerine / Florent Bodart -Society6

Accessories Add a Pop of Color to Your Dining Room

The Mid-Century Modern style is all about simplicity. Decor and accessories in simple shapes can fill out your color scheme without making your room look too busy. Choosing accessories in similar shapes but in different colors can reinforce your color scheme while keeping that effortless Mid-Century style.

CB2: Carved Glass Vase

Decorating a Mid-Century Modern Dining Room