How to Decorate a Shabby Chic Nursery

Photo via All Things Thrifty.

Soft, cozy and just a little rough around the edges, shabby chic nurseries blend vintage glam with down-home charm, creating a style that’s as comfortable as it is sophisticated.

Dreaming of a shabby chic nursery for your little one? Get the look with these 7 simple nursery styling tips.          

1. Add a Little Color.

Creamy whites and soft pastels make for a beautiful shabby chic nursery palette, but if you’re craving a little more color, don’t be afraid to take things a shade bolder. Muted floral tones have a rustic appeal and look lovely with cream, white or even pastels of a similar hue. (Think dusty rose and soft pink.)

Want to give your look a little more edge? Try pairing a traditional pastel palette with a bright accent color for a fun, contemporary twist.

2. Play with Pattern.

When choosing textiles for your nursery, be sure to include patterned pieces. Patterned accessories keep things interesting, adding color and breaking up mostly white furnishings. Look for florals patterns and French country prints, and don’t be afraid to mix it up a little. Playing mix and match with your textiles is a great way to get that eclectic, thrown-together look. Need help? Check out these 5 simple rules for decorating with pattern.

3. Mix & Match Furniture.

Newsflash! Nursery furniture doesn’t need to match. What’s more, it shouldn’t - especially if you’re designing a shabby chic nursery. Shabby chic décor is all about creating cohesiveness from chaos. Mismatched furniture is a must. The trick is finding a way to tie it all together. Looking for a few pointers? Just follow these three rules for mixing and matching furniture.

4. Create Layers of Texture.

Texture is perhaps the single most important element in shabby chic décor. In fact, the style dynamic can be almost entirely described in terms of texture. Call it, “rustic and sparse meets rich and cozy.”

To get the look, layer weathered furnishings and rustic materials with ornate accents and rich, delicate fabrics. Contrast is key. For instance, you might pair an opulent - if somewhat worn - dresser with a plain, wooden end table. If you’ve chosen a simple iron crib frame, dress it with soft and luxurious bedding. Just focus on incorporating rich and varied layers, and you’ll strike the perfect balance.

5. Be Creative.

Decorating a shabby chic nursery is about using old things in new ways. If you have a local thrift store, some DIY know-how and a little imagination, you already have everything you need! When looking for furniture and accessories, think outside of the box. An elaborate old kitchen hutch might make a terrific dresser! Broken mirror? That beautiful brass frame would still look fabulous on the wall! See what you can rescue and put to good use.

6. Bring the Outdoors In.

Love nature-themed nurseries? With its garden-inspired palette, floral accents and rustic appeal, shabby chic decor couldn’t be a better fit for nature lovers! Flower and bird motifs work nicely as do natural materials, like moss and bark. When accessorizing, keep an eye out for outdoor finds you can repurpose and use in the nursery. Try turning a birdhouse into a nightlight, or stuffing an old, tin watering can full of daisies. Want more ideas? Check out these 15 nature-inspired DIYs.

7. Go Glam.

No shabby chic nursery would be complete without a little nursery bling. Glam accents, like a crystal chandelier or a mirrored dresser, help balance out worn and weathered edges for a look that’s elegant without being over the top. Try incorporating crystal, glass and porcelain into your décor as well as a variety of metallic accents, especially bronze and gold. Working with a tight budget? Go glam for less with these simple tips.