How to Decorate to Improve Your Mood

Bedroom decor
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Your surroundings greatly affect your mood – it’s hard to feel relaxed and in control when your home is a disorganized mess or you’re surrounded with things that don’t add beauty, sentiment or value to your life. That’s even more important when it comes to your bedroom – after all, how are you supposed to unwind enough to sleep, then wake up in a good mood if instead of a sanctuary, all you have is a crash pad?

It doesn’t take a lot of money or time to create a bedroom that improves your mood instead of dampening it. It only takes a little bit of attention to five decorating details: light, color, clutter, things you love and natural elements.

Add Light Sources

Just like gloomy weather makes it hard to be cheerful, an overly dark bedroom tends to dim your spirits. Take advantage of natural light during the day, but have at least two other sources of light in a very small bedroom—three or more if the room is large. The best mix includes a ceiling light fixture, a bedside lamp and at least one more source of task lighting. You can take it further with soft light from a candle or glowing accent light.  

Consider How Color Changes Your Mind

Color influences your feelings in a subtle—but significant—fashion. If your bedroom isn’t decorated in your favorite colors, it’s time for a makeover—or at least, a few added touches of the hues that make you feel good. Blues, greens and grays are naturally soothing, while brights like pink, orange and yellow lift your energy and your spirits.

You can get colorful on your walls, or add spots of bright color with throw pillows, bedding, curtains or rugs.

Clean Up Clutter

Dresser top covered with clutter, dirty dishes on the nightstand and piles of laundry on the floor—how could you ever feel positive in such a room? If your bedroom has turned into a household free-for-all instead of a peaceful retreat, you’ll have a harder time relaxing into quality sleep at night.

Get rid of clutter: put away anything that belongs elsewhere in the house, unclutter your closet by donating clothing you no longer need or wear, purchase a few organizers to make the most of your storage areas. You’ll wake up feeling organized and ready to tackle the day.

Decorate With What You Love

Every bedroom needs a few pampering touches and items special to the owner. Yours is no exception—if you don’t love it or need it, get rid of it. You’ll feel better when you wake up to the sight of things you really love, such as:

  • Framed photos of family, pets or happy memories
  • Collectibles that mean something beyond their value—a music box that once belonged to your grandmother, a trophy you won in softball league, the preserved and framed bouquet from your wedding.
  • Luxurious touches that make you feel special. Think of quality sheets, candles, a mirror with a beautiful frame, a comfortable chair at your vanity.

Incorporate Nature

Nature is one of the most powerful antidepressants on the planet. Harness that power in your bedroom by adding natural touches that remind you of your connection to the outdoors. Houseplants are a must—​they are not only proven to improve people’s moods, they also help purify the air. Pot up one or two in a pretty container and set them near your sunniest window. Add color with a vase of flower on the nightstand, or display a small collection of seashells or rocks collected on vacations or hikes. Find a beautiful feather on a walk? Set it in a small vase on the dresser and it will help your mood soar.