How to Decorate with Flowers: 16 Ideas to Try

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Decorating with flowers is always a good idea—florals are relatively inexpensive and eco-friendly compared to other decor alternatives and will instantly add a pop of organic color that you can’t get from any other form of decoration.

Whether you’re looking for fresh ways to display your floral arrangements or you simply want to make the most of the flower bouquet you’ve brought into your home, we’ve rounded up a series of unique ways to decorate with flowers that are sure to brighten up your space.

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    Decorate with Flower Heads

    flower decor

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    “One way I really like decorating with flowers that's less typical in the U.S. is an altar/reverent style of decorating,” explains Gretchen Winterkorn, flower farmer at Birdess. “I pull the heads off of flowers that are showy and have longer staying power, such as dahlias, zinnias, strawflowers, and place them around photos, statues and mementos that I want to highlight and make special.”

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    Create Floating Florals

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    Whether your flowers are beginning to wilt or you just want a creative way to display your blooms, consider cutting the flower heads off and placing them in a shallow bowl filled with water. This will make them last longer than if you left the stems on—and will offer a totally new way of looking at your flowers.

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    Divvy Them into Smaller Vessels

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    It can be hard to find a vase large enough to fit some of the more full bouquets available at the market—but dividing them up into smaller arrangements not only solves the vase solution but actually could help you get more enjoyment out of your flowers. Consider using mason jars or a collection of random glassware for a more rustic look.

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    Use Dried Flowers

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    Dried and preserved flowers are severely underused—but they’re the best way to have florals in your space without the constant need for pruning, watering, and cleaning up after. The right dried or preserved flowers will stay in great shape for months (if not years) and are just as versatile as fresh flowers. You can either create dried flowers yourself by hanging fresh flowers to dry upside down or you can pick up a professionally dried and preserved bouquet (although this comes at a premium).


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    Hang Them in Suspended Bottles

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    Flowers don’t just have to be centerpieces, and they don’t have to be in vases. “I like to think outside of the box and find places to display them, or things to hold them, that are a little out-of-the box,” says Jeremy Yamaguchi, CEO of Lawn Love. “I particularly like putting them in bottles or vials and hanging them with string on your wall.”

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    Put Them in a Pitcher

    flowers in a pitcher

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    According to Yamaguchi, putting your flowers in a pitcher on your kitchen counter offers a more rustic and farmhouse-inspired look to the space. “Flowers and their vessels can be a way to express individuality and your own unique style, so choose placements and holders that speak to you,” he adds.

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    Brighten Your Bathroom

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    Flowers can also make a great addition to your bathroom or vanity space, says Yamaguchi. Instead of opting for long-stemmed florals and tall vases, consider cutting your flowers within a few inches of height and putting them in a jar on a vanity tray for a little pop of organic visual interest.

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    Forage for Outdoor Blooms

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    There’s something inherently sweet about plucking your own blooms from your garden or nearby outdoor space. They don’t have to be daisies or hydrangeas either—the right curation of colorful "weeds" can look perfectly pretty in a nicely curated vase, especially when placed next to a nature-themed print.

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    Create a Candle Centerpiece

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    Candles are the easiest way to create a feeling of cozy ambiance to a space—but arranged with florals will take it one step further. You can easily trim your blooms and weave them into a candle centerpiece or you can arrange your vases next to candlesticks for a more bold effect. Note that you should always make sure that your wicks are far enough from any rogue blooms so they won’t become a fire hazard.

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    Use Them as a Garland

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    Brexton Cole Interiors

    “One of my favorite and unique ways to decorate with fresh flowers is to create a flower garland to place all around my house,” says Nora Mitchell, Editor-in-Chief of Household Advice. “I hang the garland above my bedroom door and from the fireplace mantel. These garlands are actually simple to make and you can add any type of flower to create a one of a kind masterpiece!”

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    Add Flair to Your Sidetables

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    Mitchell also suggests making your side tables a centrepiece in your room by decorating them with smaller floral arrangements. “Add a couple of decorative vases for beautiful bunches of flowers and scatter them around your various side tables,” she suggests. “You can also enhance the arrangement by using jewelry trays, crystals, and other decorative items to accent the florals.”

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    Match Your Florals and Plants

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    Looking for something a little more subdued to match your minimal aesthetic? Consider picking up a bouquet of Israeli ruscus (the popular green-hued filler in bouquets) that’ll complement your existing plants.

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    Consider Unexpected Blooms

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    If you always opt for the same roses or daisies and want to spice things up for the change of seasons—consider opting for unexpected florals like ornamental cabbages or Gomphrena globosa. These seasonal blooms are totally unexpected and are sure to add some surprise and interest to your centerpiece. They're practically sculptural.

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    Use Surprising Vessels

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    You don’t have to stick to vases or even glass jars when creating your own floral arrangement. Consider using unexpected household items for a more eye-catching and whimsical approach—like a pair of old rubber boots, for example.

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    Design a Blooming Mantel

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    Looking for an easy way to add some color to your mantelpiece? A flower arrangement that spans the length of your mantle will do the job. You could also consider adding multiple vases on top of your mantle for a more budget-friendly approach.

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    Layer Florals Against Other Decor

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    Florals as a centerpiece are great, but florals mixed in with various other decor items will add another layer to your space that will make it that much more interesting. Consider adding a small vase nestled into an existing shelf or display unit for a small pop of color and texture.