How to Decorate With Ornaments

They're not just for Christmas trees anymore!

If you like to decorate for Christmas chances are you have too many ornaments. After all, they're so irresistible to buy,  but a tree can only hold so many. So rather than put them away in a storage box and hope you'll find a spot for them next year try one of these 7 decorating ideas.

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    Decorate a Wreath

    Ornament Wreath

    An ornament wreath makes for a stunning and colorful display. Hang it outside or inside - wherever you most want to make a statement. This wreath from Judy Blank is made completely from ornaments, but you can also take an existing wreath and use some of your extra ornaments as decorative accents. For hanging, choose a wide satin ribbon the same color as some of the ornaments. For this wreath green or red would work beautifully.

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    Display Ornaments in a Vase

    Ornaments in a Vase
    Original source unknown

    Sometimes the simplest idea is also the most effective. A bowl or glass vase filled with ornaments is classic, beautiful, and makes a great centerpiece.  In order to really show off treasured ornaments, put them in a clear glass vessel. However, for a truly classic and sophisticated look try putting them in silver pieces like punchbowls or champagne buckets. You can also use a collection of smaller vases and bowls and gather them together on a mantle for a nice effect.

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    Put a Cloche on Them

    Ornaments in a Cloche
    Martha Stewart

    Ornaments covered by a cloche makes for a great table or mantle display. In this example, by Martha Stewart, a large cloche was used, but you can also display several smaller ones together for a nice effect. Cloches like this one that sits right on the table are lovely, but for a slightly more elegant look, you can use cloches that sit on tall stands.

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    Hang Ornaments in a Window

    Hang Ornaments in a Window
    The Feminist Housewife

    Hanging ornaments in a window mean that both you and passersby outside get to enjoy them! If you find the ornaments interfere with your window treatments you can always take a cue from the Feminist Housewife who used an old window over a mantle to create a lovely ornament display. 

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    Hang Ornaments From a Chandelier

    Hang Ornaments, Photo via Real SImple
    Photo by Simon Whitmore/Ideal Home/IPC+ Syndication

    Draw the eye upwards by hanging ornaments from a chandelier. In this photo via Real Simple, the ornaments connect with the table's centerpiece creating almost a column effect. If you want to duplicate this idea make sure you keep the ornaments in the same color palette as the centerpiece.

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    Make an Ornament Garland

    Ornament Garland
    via Pinterest, original source unknown

    An ornament garland is a great way to show off your ornaments and create a striking holiday statement. For maximum impact try to stick to two or three colors. If you use more it might lessen the impact. In order to make one, all you need is some sturdy ribbon or string on which to hang them. The alternative is to take an existing garland and simply hang some ornaments on it with ribbon or hooks.

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    Hang Ornaments on Bannisters

    Decorating with Ornaments
    Lauren Flanagan

    Stairways are a natural place to decorate during the holidays, with garlands being a popular choice. So why not hang some ornaments to go with it? In this photo, the ornaments are hung from ribbons between the spindles for a full and robust look. When it comes to stairways at Christmastime, just when you think you've decorated enough add a little bit more!