How to Decorate With Sage, One of the Year's Most Popular Colors

A bedroom with sage green accent wall

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Sage is one of this year's most popular colors, and that's because it's not only beautiful (and subtly neutral, too, if needed) but it has this uncanny knack for matching with any space rodécor. From being tossed in as a supplementary color to creating the accent in a space, sage can be incorporated into any (and every) room in your house.

And whether you're used to this color or thinking about bringing this vibe into your home for the first time, here are some expert tips on how to add it with intention.

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    Incorporate It With Bedding

    decorating with sage in bedding

    Undercover Living

    "One easy way to incorporate sage is through bedding," says Miriam Tyrangiel, Founder of Undercover Living. "Subtle, soft, and natural, it adds just a hint of colour to your bedroom without overpowering the space."

    As sage can come in variations, it all depends on the feeling you're trying to create for your room. If you're looking for something bold, go with a darker hue. If you're looking for something softer, get a subdued palette that will create a more 'pastel' feel.

    "Sage [also] pairs very well with greenery," Tyrangiel says, "So it's a perfect match if you're a plant-lover."

    An excuse to add plants? Say no more.

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    Connect It to the Space

    sage in kitchen design and decor

    Le Jacquard Francais

    Another beautiful, yet relatively simple way to add sage to your space is through intentional connection with other elements in the room.

    Béatrice Brandt of Le Jacquard Francais, a Paris-based table, kitchen, and bath linen company, shares her perspective. “[Sage is] a color that reflects nature—reassuring, soft and enveloping,” she says, “Choose a tone on tone decoration for a delicate harmony, blending different hues of sage atop one another to create depth." 

    Through layering, you can create any type of effect you want, from warm to cool, energetic to calming, and so on. And, as Brandt explains, much of this can be done through layering the color with other textures, patterns, and hues.

    If you’re looking for elegance, Brandt recommends incorporating golden hues with your sage. "Accessorize with golden tableware or gold-rimmed glasses or plates," she recommends, "Elevating the space but still remaining neutral and soft.” 

    If you’re looking for something brighter, she suggests bringing in color for extra luminosity or an even cooler touch to the space.  

    “For sage—and most greens—bring in the use of pinks, oranges, and also soft blues for a natural atmosphere that cools the tones down,” she recommends.“Think: sage outdoor cushions on light blue chairs, blending pink and sage tea towels hanging in your kitchen, or accessorizing light shades of sage, pink, and caramel cushions on a couch."

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    Use It as a Color Pop

    decorating with a sage blanket

    American Blossom Linens

    You can also have sage become a 'pop' or accent in your space, rather than blend into the color scheme.

    “I love to use simple neutral colors to decorate. [As] sage is a softer, more subtle shade of green, it has a peaceful impact in almost any room,” says Janet Wischnia, CEO, bedding expert, and president of American Blossom Linens. However, she also likes to do the exact opposite and make sage become the focal point.

    "I like to use a pop of color, and this year sage is my obsession. A sage blanket or throw can brighten up your bed or a chair in your living space but still leaves you with a feeling of calmness and we all need that now.”

So, when it comes to sage, are you all about the neutrals and softness or the bold and brightness? As these designers mentioned, with sage, you can do it all.

But truthfully, when it comes to designing, it's all about personal preference. Sage is one of the easiest colors to incorporate because it's a little bit of everything, so whether you add it to spice up your kitchen or to soften your living room, rest assured, it will create the perfect ambience.