8 Bedrooms That Do Decorating With White Right

White walled bedroom with white nightstands on either side of bed with white sheets and pillows

The Spruce / Leticia Almeida

You might think a bedroom decorated mostly in white would be sterile and uninviting, but actually, a palette of the palest color is very versatile. White is perfect for the bedroom—it’s tranquil, fresh, and works well with just about any decorating style or theme.

The secret to decorating with white is adding a little extra something special. Once you add that touch of flavor, you get a bedroom that is very tasty indeed. Here are eight bedrooms that get white right.

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    Touch of Drama

    White bedroom with canopy bed
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    When your bedroom’s color is limited, you can still take the wow factor sky-high with a dramatic touch such as the partial canopy shown here. Even without the canopy, this room gets it right—look at the touches of glamour in the padded, upholstered footboard and headboard, the gorgeous area rug, and the chrome-doored nightstands—this room practically shouts “luxury!”

    Your taste in décor might be quite different, but the lesson here is that a white bedroom comes alive with a significant focal point like the partial canopy here, or with another dramatic touch such as a dramatically wallpapered focal wall or a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

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    Touch of Sophistication

    Modern white bedroom
    tulcarion / Getty Images

    Although white is traditionally the color of innocence, it can be quite sophisticated, especially when it has the sheerest touch of gray, as in the white bedroom shown here.

    This room shows off white’s contemporary side, with sleek and simple furniture, lack of clutter, and touches of texture in the glass wall insets, nubby area rug, leather headboard, and chrome legs on the nightstands. Everything about this white bedroom says cool, calm, and confident.

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    Touch of Texture

    Retro bedroom with shaggy fur comforter
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    Every room benefits from a range of textures, but when your palette is limited to just one color, it’s even more important to add contrast with varied surfaces.

    This creamy white bedroom makes masterful use of texture: from the shaggy white bedspread to the quilted throw pillows to the shiny, lacquer nightstands to the soft upholstered headboard to the white-and-tan wallpaper that almost looks like tile. The overall effect is rather retro, but the clean palette prevents even a hint of tackiness or out-of-date grooviness.

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    Touch of Shine

    Silver and white bedroom
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    The clean, pristine feel of white gets a dash of excitement with the addition of metallic accents—there’s nothing like a touch of shine to bring a white bedroom out of the doldrums.

    That doesn’t mean you want to go overboard with ​bling—too much is tacky, not glamorous, or sophisticated. But when you stick with just one metallic color—such as the silver shown here, or gold, bronze, copper, or pewter if those suit your fancy—the look is beautifully controlled and stylish. The soft silver bedspread here receives reinforcement from the bedside lamps and an old-fashioned alarm clock. It’s just enough to make a statement without going overboard. Perfect.

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    Touch of Romance

    Romantic canopy bed
    Ryan McVay / Getty Images

    Nothing says romance like a canopy bed, and when that bed is in a room that is otherwise quite simple, as the one shown here, it’s even better. Some canopy beds look overly fussy, old-fashioned, or claustrophobic, but that’s not the case here—the fabric is beautifully draped over an otherwise simple frame.

    It’s the airy, almost tropical canopy, along with the palette of creamy off-white and palest tan punched up with a few touches of burgundy in the throw pillows that make this room special. Put it all together and you have a room made for romance—no other color would work as well as white.

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    Touch of Color

    Tropical bedroom ideas
    John Warburton-Lee / Getty Images

    Decorating your bedroom in white doesn’t mean you can’t have any other color. A few touches of color take a room that would otherwise be ho-hum and turn it into something special. It doesn’t take much–in this bedroom, the same tropical-print fabric makes up the drapes, window shades, and throw pillows to great effect.

    None of the accents are elaborate, but there is just enough color and pattern to give a wonderfully tropical flair to this otherwise simple bedroom. This photo is also a testament to how white plus a few touches of color adds visual space to a very small bedroom.

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    Touch of Charm

    Picket fence headboard
    Jules Frazier / Getty Images

    When you decorate with all white, you need at least one touch of something special to keep the lookout of the doldrums.

    This bedroom does the job rather whimsically with a picket-fence bed. It’s a touch of country charm that would work beautifully in a guest room or older child’s bedroom—keep any furniture with open slats out of a very young child’s bedroom, however. Not only is this bed super-cute, but it’s also a look you can easily DIY over a weekend. Just paint two sections of picket fence white, and attach to the top and bottom of your bed frame.

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    Touch of Pattern

    Boho bedroom ideas
    Eric Hernandez / Getty Images

    Whatever your decorating theme, you need some pattern throughout the room. That’s even truer when your palette is limited to one or two colors, and it's truest of all when the palette is just white. Without ​any pattern, your all-white room would look sterile.

    You can mix-and-match patterns to your heart’s content—the trick is to keep them united by color, scale, or shape, as in the designs on the bedspread, throw pillows, and headboard shown here.