How to Design Your Perfect Bedroom, Based On Your Moon Sign

Minimalist bedroom

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You surely know your sun sign, but do you know your moon sign? If not, you can use various apps to determine yours. It’s part of your birth chart, and one of the three main determinants of your personality: sun, moon, and rising. 

What Is a Moon Sign?

Your moon sign is your inner world. It rules your emotions and reveals who you are when you’re alone (or among your closest inner circle). Your moon sign also determines what your comfort zones are, dictating what you need in order to feel both safe and secure. 

If any place in your home should be your safe space, it’s your bedroom. Each moon sign has different needs for their bedroom. Read on below to get some ideas of how to design your perfect bedroom based on whatever your moon sign is. 

Aries Moon

An Aries moon is an impulsive, feisty spirit. They’re always on the go, and their bedroom should be functional and frill-free to keep the Aries moon moving from their waking hours to bedtime with ease. An Aries moon dreams best in a room created with minimal design with bright details. Think a sensible comforter with a few colorful throw pillows, a seasonally curated clothing rack, and a perfectly organized dresser. 

Organized, stylish dresser top

The Spruce / Niv Rozenberg & Aubrey Hays

Taurus Moon

A Taurus moon feels most secure with the earth right beneath their feet, grounding themselves in daily routines and nurturing, supportive relationships. A Taurus moon feels most at ease in cozy, stable situations and surroundings. As such, a Taurus moon bedroom should be designed in such a way that makes settling into bed after a long day a breeze. Some ways a Taurus moon can bring in a sense of calm into their bedroom include hanging photos of loved ones, decorating with earthy elements like macrame or house plants, and keeping crystals charged and on their dresser or nightstand.

Earthy bedroom decor

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Gemini Moon

A Gemini moon is a constant state of reinvention. A restless being, a Gemini moon needs a space that invites rebirth and evolution. Making sure their room feels as wide as their horizons is imperative. Hanging curtains higher to make the room feel bigger, a large mirror placed intentionally across from a window, and tons of room to roam are perfect for a Gemini room. The less clutter, the better.

unique bedroom with a mirror facing a window

Jess Craven / Stocksy

Cancer Moon

A Cancer moon needs a bedroom that’s all about coziness. A fluffy comforter, soft mood lighting, walls painted in soft hues, and plenty of throw pillows will make a Cancer feel relaxed and secure. Oh, and don’t forget a soft rug! A Cancer moon needs every part of their bedroom to feel as comfortable as possible.

calm, cozy bedroom decor

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Leo Moon

A Leo moon is all about the finer, intricate things in life. Forget minimalism, a Leo moon needs everything to be maxed out. An ornate chandelier, a statement mirror, and tons of color are what will make a Leo moon feel most alive. Don’t be afraid to make every space have some element of styling. A Leo moon doesn’t see this as clutter but necessary noise. 

Colorful, maximalist bedroom decor

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Virgo Moon

A Virgo moon needs two things to feel at home in their bedroom: organization and rustic style. Everything should always be in its proper place, everything should have a use, and everything should look earthy and beautiful while it’s at it. 

Rustic, organized bedroom

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Libra Moon

A Libra moon is all about balance. Keeping this in mind, a Libra bedroom should adhere to feng shui principles to keep the energy of the room just right. Their bed in the commanding position, plenty of house plants, and a carefully chosen color scheme are all perfect elements to make a Libra bedroom perfect for them. 

Bedroom with bed in the commanding position

Sarah Sherman Samuel

Scorpio Moon

A Scorpio moon is all about emotional intensity. They crave depth in their relationships and within their own mind. Forget material belongings, a Scorpio moon becomes most alive in the spaces that invite emotion. A Scorpio moon’s bedroom should reflect this. A reading corner with a bookshelf stocked with their favorite tearjerkers, moody lighting, beautiful and meaningful framed art prints, and intricate curtains all will help a Scorpio moon settle into bed after a long day. 

Moody bedroom decor

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Sagittarius Moon

A Sagittarius moon desires adventure. In fact, a Sag moon 100 percent requires it. A fierce lover of travel and learning about experiences different than their own, A Sagittarius moon’s bedroom should be a nod to these passions. A map with the places they’ve been (and want to visit), a bookshelf full of informative reads, and tons of trinkets from their travels are perfect for a Sagittarius moon’s bedroom. 

Bedroom with bookshelf and travel trinkets

Katie Martinez Design

Capricorn Moon

A Capricorn moon craves solitude. They refuel best during the moments they get to spend solo. What better place to do that, then, then their bedroom? Beyond that, though, a Capricorn is practical. Everything must have a purpose. A Capricorn moon should design their room for maximum productivity. A minimal, traditional aesthetic will work great.

Minimalist bedroom decor

Cathie Hong Interiors

Aquarius Moon

An Aquarius moon is two things: unique and unusual. Their bedroom should be a reflection of their zaniness, their need to be different. Peculiar passions, unexpected color schemes, odd knick knacks should all be on display. An Aquarius doesn’t follow a typical blueprint when it comes to interior design; it just has to make sense to them and them alone. After all, every Aquarius moon is their own. 

Quirky, unique bedroom

Anne Sage

Pisces Moon

A Pisces moon is the dreamiest of the lunar signs. Sure, this might make them a little detached from reality but it makes space for big aspirations and even bigger hopes. Their bedroom should be a space that encourages huge thoughts. A Pisces moon is intuitive, so focusing on details that encourage this sign of them will help a Pisces feel most like themselves. A star ceiling projector, nods to their big dreams in the form of art prints, and a journaling corner are all excellent ways to make a Pisces moon bedroom perfect for them. 

Airy bedroom decor with corner nook

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