How to Design With Intention, Based on Your Love Language

A well-designed living room sitting area

CreativaStudio / Getty Images

 Your love language guides everything you do—from the way you love, of course, to how you connect with the physical spaces around you. And when it comes to design, it’s no different.

The Love Language you resonate with the most will dictate how you create, modify, and revamp your living spaces. So, whether you’re partial to physical touch or passionate about words and their emotional impact, here are some tips for how to design with intention, based on your love language.

Words of Affirmation

If you resonate with Words of Affirmation, you are, of course, all about the ways vulnerability and honesty can connect people’s hearts. For you, this manifests in intentional décor and curated spaces that prioritize social connection and/or introspection.

What this looks like in your house or ‘safe’ space(s): Inspirational posters or quotes, spaces for recording love notes and to-do lists alike, and an open surface (like a refrigerator door, for example!) where you can scrawl notes and add important reminders. It also looks like a well-crafted design that’s all about deeper connections.

You know better than anyone that you can’t have a true girl’s night if there isn’t enough space to spread out, grab your glasses of wine, and get cozy on the couch for a long talk. You also know that watching football and chatting with the guys is less-than-ideal when you don’t have the space to sprawl out. Regardless of what you’re doing, you design with intention when connections are at the forefront—of your physical space and your heart.

Quality Time

It goes without saying that someone who cares about Quality Time is all about big, open spaces that welcome more than just a few guests. As such, your home design is all about taking whatever you have and making the space extend beyond your personal ‘haven.’

What this looks like in your house: Taking the time to explore indoor and outdoor spaces to figure out how and where you can spend the best time with others. Maybe this is a living room, or maybe it’s a backyard area. For you, it’s less about where the socialization happens and more about how often. Even in the smallest of spaces, you can and will make things work. You’re the most passionate about having your home extend beyond yourself and truly become a place that others can call home, too.

Receiving Gifts

As a gift-giver (and receiver), you’re all about doing, getting, and creating for others. You find that you’re the best version of yourself when you can offer some token of appreciation for the people in your life, and whether this is as simple as a cup of coffee or as crazy as a homemade gift bag for a loved one to take home after a party or gathering, you’re all about making it happen.

What your love language looks like in your physical space: Honestly, it looks like intentional time and thought for the people in your life. You design spaces with the idea of giving to others, so naturally, your home is perfect for holidays, birthdays, and other special moments where gift-giving and receiving is the priority.

Physical Touch

If you want to learn how to design with intention based on your love language, it’s pretty easy if you’re Physical Touch-inclined. As a Physical Touch person, you are all about hugs, cuddles, cozy couch moments, and being as close as possible with the people you care about.

How this looks in your home: It’s as simple as close-knit spaces, couches that fit multiple bodies, and intimacy in everything from the décor to the lighting. Designing your home means creating spaces that induce natural connections—for family, friends, and strangers alike. Regardless of who is over, what you’re doing, or how long they’ll stay, your hope is for them to feel calm, comfortable, and connected.

Acts of Service

If your love language is Acts of Service, you’re all about doing for others (and enjoying when others do for you, too). This can be anything from a tiny act of kindness to a full-blown, drop-everything-and-help type of action, and your closeness to a person will determine how much you’re willing to give.

How this manifests in your home spaces: As a host, you’re all about serving your guests. From a drink to a full-course meal, a quick conversation to a three-hour heart-to-heart, you’re always ready and willing to show up for the people in your life. And your home does a wonderful job of making this happen. From large, shared spaces (like kitchens and living rooms) to an open floor plan that helps to carry voices, you are able to be ‘everywhere’ in your home at once, serving the needs of your guests and filling your own cup in the process.