Some Creative Ways to Display Your Kid's Art

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    Reward your child's creativity with a beautiful art display!

    One of the perks of parenting is having your own junior Picasso in residence. But as much as we all love to show appreciation for our little ones’ artistic endeavors, there is only so much room on the fridge… and the kitchen counter… and the dining room table.

    Need a more artistic solution? Keep those mini masterpieces from piling up by creating a special place to display all of your kid’s artwork with style! 

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    Art on a Wire

    kids art displayed on a wire.
    Photo: Stephen Edward Graphics.

    Inexpensive, easy-to-install curtain wire from IKEA makes for a simple yet elegant space-saving display for your child’s favorite creations. String up your budding artist’s creations in his bedroom, or create a family art gallery, dedicating a wall to your exhibition and providing each child with his or her own display. Finish the project off with a fun ​​wall decal, like this fitting Picasso quote available from Stephen Edwards Graphics.

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    Clip Art

    A coat of metallic finish spray paint transforms dollar store clipboards into a fashionable, industrial-inspired art display. Large clips allow for easy updates and can even hold multiple masterpieces. Wall-mounted letters sprayed to match give the display a finished look.

    Love the look? See the full DIY post on Clean and Scentsible

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    Tradition with a Twist

    DIY fridge frame kids' art display
    Photo: The Way We Are.

    Nothing makes a half-pint artist prouder than when their work earns a prized place on the family refrigerator. With a quick coat of spray paint and the aid of a few industrial-strength magnets, these Goodwill-salvaged picture frames put a posh twist on this long-held tradition.

    For more details, see the simple tutorial at The Way We Are

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    A Peg Up

    Peg board kids' art display.
    Photo: Style Cookie.

    Pegboard is incredibly useful stuff, especially when it comes to storing and organizing things in plain sight. Give your little one’s artwork a “peg up” using laundry metallic finish, which can be easily wired to pegboard. Need more storage space? Why not use your pegboard to organize your child’s art supplies as well as display their art?

    Find more clever design ideas at Style Cookie

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    Rail Art

    Like curtain wire, these re-purposed curtain rails from I Heart Organizing make an excellent display space for school projects and other handmade handiwork. Mount them directly to the wall, using drapery rings as clips. Be sure to leave enough space between the bar and the wall for the rings to slide easily.

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    Cabinet Door-Mounted Art

    A quick paint job and some simple hardware is all you need to turn discarded furniture into your own, easy-to-update gallery wall.

    For more tips, see the full tutorial on Dimplicity.  

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    Easy DIY Clip Rail

    Create your own back-to-school themed, easy-clip art wall for less than $3 using a yardstick, wooden clothespins, and colored sharpies. Screw your creation to the wall, or mount with wall-saving command strips. Genius!

    Learn more about this easy DIY project on All My Good Things

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    Scan & Save Art Piece

    Scan and shrink your child's art and use it to create a miniature gallery display.
    Photo: Merry Pad

    High on sentiment but short on space? Keep all of your little one’s creations by scanning them into your computer. Print and frame a gallery page in miniature, or create a beautiful coffee table book displaying your kiddos artwork.

    Need help? Get the full tutorial from Merry Pad.

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    Framed Cork Board Gallery

    Thrifted frames repurposed as kid's art display.
    Photo via Grey Luster Girl.

    Some cork squares, spray paint, a little hot glue, and a few thrifted picture frames is all you need to recreate this gorgeous gallery wall in your home. Display your little one’s newest artwork, or mix those masterpieces up with family photos and inspiring wall quotes.

    Find all the juicy DIY details at Grey Luster Girl.

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    Shabby Chic Frame Up

    Shabby Chic chicken wire frame kids' art display.
    Photo via The Girl Inspired.

    Love all things Shabby Chic? You’ll love this easy art display idea! Remove the glass and backing from an old picture frame and fix chicken wire to the frame using a stapler. Mount to the wall, and let your little one clip up their own creations.

    To learn more, see the full post on The Girl Inspired.

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    Magnetic Art Display

    Not enough room on the refrigerator for all your toddler-made treasures? Fill a kitchen wall with this beautiful magnetic art display!

    Buy a piece of sheet metal, and fix it to the wall. (The savvy DIYer behind this project had her own piece cut to fit her wall for just $15!) Then use wood molding, screwed directly into the wall, to create the frame. Finish it up with a gorgeous decal, which you can apply directly onto the metal sheet.

    Get step-by-step directions and more photos on Inspiration Organization

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    Art Corner Display

    Kid's art corner with art display
    Photo via Etch Design Lab.

    This gorgeous and easy-to-recreate art corner, made using curtain wire and storage rails from IKEA, offers kids the perfect place to create and display their artwork. 

    Smitten? See more photos of this fabulous design on Etch Design Lab.