How to Eat Ice Cream

Dairy Free, Coconut Milk Vanilla Ice Cream In a Sugar Cone
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Eat Ice Cream Cones Without a Melty Mess

No utensils are needed when ice cream is served in a cone, but if you are sharing with someone else, you might want to use spoons. As soon as you have the ice cream cone in hand, make sure there are no drips around the sides that can mess up your outfit or drip on the floor.

You may wrap the cone in a napkin, or even better if you have your own cone to yourself, lick around the sides to make sure you don’t miss any of the delicious goodness. Eat all the ice cream off the top before nibbling the cone, or you may wind up with it oozing down the sides.

During hot weather, you’ll probably need a napkin because the ice cream will melt faster than you can lick. Check your face in a mirror after you finish your ice cream cone.

There is Nothing Like a Big Bowl of Ice Cream on a Hot Summer Day

Bowl of ice cream
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When scooping the ice cream, make sure your bowl is big enough for the amount of ice cream you're having. Otherwise, you’ll wind up with a top-heavy mess that drips all over the table.

If you want more ice cream than the bowl will hold, it’s better to go back for seconds than to heap it over the top. You will need a spoon to eat ice cream from a bowl.

Ice Cream Sundaes - Custom Made for Each Person

Ice cream sundae
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You will need a spoon to eat an ice cream sundae. You're not a dog, so don't even try to do otherwise.

It’s also a good idea to sit down while eating it, or you risk leaving a trail of stickiness. Have plenty of napkins available, in case you spill. Take small bites, or you might wind up with brain freeze.

If you are sharing your sundae with another person, it’s a good idea for each of you to have your own spoon. Request two cherries for the top so you won’t have to fight over one.

Ice Cream with Cake - Favorite Party Treat

Girl eating cake and ice cream
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A favorite birthday party treat is cake with ice cream. This may be eaten with either a spoon or fork, depending on which you are more comfortable with.

The key is to take manageable bites so you won’t wind up dropping it or having too much in your mouth. And make sure you swallow your ice cream and cake before belting out "Happy Birthday." Singing with your mouth full is just plain gross.

Ice Cream Bars and Sandwiches - Unwrap the Deliciousness

ice cream sandwich
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You may eat an ice cream bar or ice cream sandwich while walking or standing, but if it’s hot out, you’re better off sitting down at a table. For an ice cream bar, pull the wrapper off the ice cream and leave it around the handle to catch drips.

When eating an ice cream sandwich, you may unwrap it completely, but if you prefer not to have sticky hands afterward, peel the wrapper off a little at a time to expose what you are about to eat.

Pay attention to what you are eating. You don't want to wind up with a mouthful of paper.

Kids and Ice Cream - Messy Combination

boy eating ice cream
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Before serving ice cream to children, make sure they have enough elbowroom to eat without bothering the person next to them. Cleaning up a mess after an ice cream fight can be quite a chore that may make you wonder why you even bothered in the first place.

If you have squirmy kids or they enjoy creating new ways to get the ice cream from their bowls to their mouths, have a talk with them beforehand and remind them of their manners. Provide a few extra napkins per child. It’s not a bad idea to have wet wipes or wet washcloths to clean up afterward.

Share the Treat with Your Favorite People

Mother and daughter eating ice cream
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Always offer ice cream to the person you are with before indulging. It’s rude to eat it in front of someone without giving the opportunity to have some.

Besides, ice cream is one of those foods that tastes better when you have someone to share it with. Enjoy it with friends.