How to Eat Lychee Fruit

Lychee Fruit
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    Step 1: Buy Some Ripe Lychees

    Ripe lychees
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    Lychees are one of the most delicious tropical fruits and can be enjoyed year-round. When buying lychees, look for pretty pink skin (not green). To see whether or not a lychee is ripe, press the skin gently with your thumb. The lychee should give a little. If it's too soft, it may be over-ripe.

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    Step 2: "Open" the Skin

    lychee fruit
    Starting to Peel the Skin. D.Schmidt

    I find my thumbnail works best for cutting open the skin, then peel it back.

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    Peel Off the Skin

    How to prepare lychee fruit
    Peeling Off the Skin. D.Schmidt

    Now continue peeling off the skin - it should come off fairly easily.

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    "Open" the Fruit to Reveal the Stone

    Lychee fruit step 4
    "Opening" the Lychee Fruit. D.Schmidt

    You can eat the lychees as you peel, popping them into your mouth - just watch out for the stone, which is very smooth and hard. If you're planning to prepare the lychees (to serve or use in a recipe), "open" the fruit using your thumb to reveal the stone.

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    Step 5: Remove the Stone

    how to prepare lychee fruit
    Removing the Stone. D.Schmidt

    After you've split open the fruit, dig out the stone and discard (Note: don't worry if the fruit tears).

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    Enjoy Eating Your Lychee Fruit! (or Make Something with It)

    Lychee fruit step 6
    Prepared Lychee Fruit Ready to Eat (surrounded by the lychee skins). D.Schmidt

    After you've removed the stone, "curl" the fruit back into its former shape and place in a bowl. The fruit is now ready to serve.