Home Staging: How to Enhance Your Unused Fireplace

Unused fireplace staged in a living room

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When staging your home, accentuating the positive is a must. If you have a fireplace that doesn't work due to the age of the home or other circumstances, there are ways to make it look appealing. While an unused fireplace can become an eyesore, it can also provide beauty. Here are tricks and twists that can help you transform an unused fireplace into a focal point of the room. Take a look at some of these tips to help add more visual decor into your home staging and give your useless fireplace a use.

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    Create a Fireplace Decorative Display

    Fireplaces have the capability of being a strong and vibrant focal point within a space. Lead with that statement when going about designing or decorating your unused fireplace. Have it to resemble and reflect your style and design. Place pieces of artwork and accents (decorative vases) within the fireplace or even a floral arrangement that matches the season. Add in a mantle if one is not already there. Mantles are an easy way of adding in creative displays, without having to do much work. One term that is being widely used is a "mantle scape," which is adding elements of nature of various shapes, sizes, and textures and set a scene that resembles a “landscape” appeal across your fireplace mantle.

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    Give Your Unused Fireplace a New Purpose This Season

    This general home staging trick when appealing to buyers is the more space you can provide the better. Potential home buyers love spacious properties within the home because typically they have a lot of things that need to have a place to go. With that being said give your unused fireplace a purpose as a storage unit in the home staging. All you have to do is clean out the fireplace (thoroughly) and if you would like to, paint the inside. There are spray paints that are water-based so you can use them indoors without having to worry about the toxins. After you have cleaned and/or painted the fireplace, fill it with books, collectibles, artificial fire logs, heirlooms, etc. The choice is yours for the design elements you want in the fireplace.

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    Consider Concealing or Hiding your Fireplace

    If your fireplace doesn't look good or is in disrepair, consider covering it. In some homes, the fireplace can be an eyesore and if you tried decorating or reusing it as a storage area, it would detract from the amenities of your home. If this is the case, then closing it up would be the ideal choice. You could board up the firebox hole with plywood, then paint the exterior of the wood whatever color that will match the decor or even have the color to be an accent in the room like you would with an accent wall. You have other options as well such as adding mosaic tiling to the wooden boards for color and texture or decorative patterns from fabrics or fabric papers. Even decorative metals can be used around the fireplace to add more decor. The options are endless.

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    Install a Wood Burning Stove in Your Fireplace

    If the room still needs a source of heat, consider installing a wood-burning stove inside your fireplace. Have a professional look at your existing firebox and chimney and ensure it can be fitted with a wood-burning stove.

    Whether you are staging a home for sale or you just moved into a new home, an unused fireplace can become a feature rather than an eyesore. However, it can come with some imperfections that can cause headaches and an unused fireplace is one of them. Fortunately, there are ways to work around the unused fireplace flaw. It just takes some imagination, a few creative approaches, and a wonderful outcome should emerge for your home staging. If your fireplace is located near a room that has beautiful decor or beautiful appliances such as a gourmet kitchen, take decorative cues from that room.