How Do I Enter an Official Monopoly Tournament?

On the Hunt for Monopoly Tournaments

Philip Taylor/Flickr CC 2.0

Question: How do I enter an official Monopoly tournament?

Answer: Hasbro's official Monopoly website sometimes features information about upcoming tournaments. World championships have been held over the years, but generally, there has been a gap of four to six years between world championships. For example, there were World Championship Monopoly Tournaments in 1996, 2000, 2004, 2009, and 2015.

National championships are usually held the year of the World Championships or the previous year.

As such, the next round of national and world championship tournaments will probably not be before 2019 and maybe in 2021. However, some countries may hold national championships more often. For example, France held a national championship in 2016.

Entry into national championships varies by country and is different from year to year. There may be an online application and quiz to enter a national championship tournament. The selection process may be different in each country.

Finding Monopoly Tournaments

To find out when the next round of official national and world championship Monopoly tournaments will be held, you can check for press releases on the Hasbro website or sign up for their email alert of news or event.

There is a calendar of upcoming Monopoly tournaments and links to the sites set up to in each country to support the 2015 Monopoly World Championships, provided by the makers of the Emmy award-winning documentary, "Under the Boardwalk: The MONOPOLY Story".

 This is the best summary found, but many of the websites set up before the 2015 world championships are either dead links or not updated.

It could be worthwhile to contact the hosts of any of the tournaments listed and find out how to stay in the loop for announcements of future tournaments. They likely have contacts with Hasbro and other tournament organizers and will be a good source of information.

You could set up a Google Alert for "Monopoly tournament" to be notified whenever one makes it into the news, which would be helpful for not missing any announcements. You could add your city if you only want to be notified when these events are local.

Hosting an Official Monopoly Tournament

Non-profits and charities can host a Monopoly tournament as a fundraiser if they apply for permission from Hasbro using a form. Hasbro has specific guidelines they will provide after you submit the form by email. Allow a couple of weeks to get a reply back from Hasbro, and give yourself a couple of months of advance work before your event date.

Finding a local tournament would require diligence if you are not the one hosting them. Your best bet could be a Google alert specific for your city or state, such as, "Monopoly tournament Wisconsin," or "Monopoly tournament Toronto."

You can search for upcoming charity Monopoly tournaments at the documentary website. In the left column, there is a calendar app that shows charity tournaments as well as national championships.